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Friday, December 4, 2009

Festive Fun No.3

Today we are going back to about 2000.
A workshop with Sue Cody resulted in this sweet hanging.
Interestingly this is version 2...version 1 had a dreadful case of red colour run...eeek!
A hard lesson learnt about prewashing...especially after the applique was needleturned.

I still like it & every year the thought of that colour run makes me smile!

Cardygirl xx


Fiesta said...

I like this . It is unique and beautiful.

Julia said...

Isn't that dissappointing when it happens..after all that work.
I have discovered Colour Catchers..the best thing!
I like it too, it's beautiful!
Julia ♥

Shiree said...

I love this journey!

teresa said...

Love them all (Festive fun 1,2 and 3) Great idea...I've got a Christmas quilt I made a couple of years back and I love bringing it out each Christmas..

Anne Heidi said...

Oh the wallhanging is adorable! I love the stitchery on it!