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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lea, Loz and I are on the final stage of our trip....the Houston Quilt Festival has been visited and now we are heading to the Grand Canyon via a quick stopover in Las Vegas.

The festival was interesting...sort of like our craft shows but supersized!
My favourite part was looking at the antique very inspirational and fabulous talking to a dealer, John Sauls, about the quilts...learning how we found them and what to look for when buying.

The weather in Houston was much warmer, we walked to and from the convention centre.

Now we are in Vegas...sensory overload...noise, lights, people and smells...not my kind of town at all, but an experience of excess indeed.

Just waiting for our trip to the Grand Canyon....a bit of a mix up and now we are flying both ways....bit of a shame as we were keen for the road trip...but the main thing is that we get there and speak clearly!
Cardygirl xx

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Location:Snapshots of the Festival


Gabi said... wonderful. That quilt show must have been great. And I'm SO jealous on your Great Canyon trip. That must be breathtaking beautiful there. Looking forward to see some pictures

Cheryll said...

All I can say is EnJoY... and it looks like you all are! :)

Ann said...

It looks like you are having an amazing time! Enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe trip home x

Lynda said...

So glad you're having such a fantastic holiday. Love your green handbag (in Loz's photo of you).

Stephanie said...

Happy Trails! Are you going to be able to carry all of your loot home?

Deb R said...

Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time!!!!

Siobhán said...

It sounds like a fantastic time!! Safe travels!