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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Definitely not cuckoo!

Blogging has introduced me to so many good people...a common interest often leads to a sharing of ourselves that is really rewarding. One blog that continues to draw me back to my roots as an embroiderer is Broderie...Liz's work is inspirational & reminds me of the pleasure of creating with threads & linens. Oh, if only there were more hours in a day to create! Pop by & visit her as there are always beautiful works to be seen. She kindly sent me a few things to help inspire gorgeous are these designs?
And the prettiest card...she said I was not cuckoo though!
Cardygirl xx


Robyn said...

I so agree with you on this :-)
Blogging does open up our worlds to wonderful people we would never otherwise meet.
I too share you love of things 'stitchy'... I'm off to check out Liz's blog.
Thanks so much and have a fabulous Thursday!!
Gorgeous pieces.

cumquats said...

These a just delicious. I couldn't agree more. If only we didn't have to spend so may hours on the boring stuff!! Kim :)