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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I hate binding quilts...happily machine stitch it on, but when it comes to hand stitching it over I am a dreadful procrastinator. They can sit there for months, even longer, all the time being used & going fuzzy! Shameful! If I do it straight away I am fine, but once I put it aside it is liable to sit for a looooong time. In the hope of finishing the binding on this monster (waiting for 6 mths), I will name & shame myself into completion. Here it is!

Today I helped a friend cut out a cute quilt out of cowboy fabric. Fun.

Also got these cute headbands from Michelle for my daughter. She is doing some great crochet work. Thanks Michelle, they are perfect!

Cardygirl xx


Julie said...

What a gorgeous quilt. Perfect for these cold nights. Its crying out to be finished. We all expect it completed by the end of the week. Hope this helps. :-) xx

Anonymous said...

Wow... it looks gorgeous! Just imagine how much more beautiful it will look when it's got binding on it! There's no better weather than at the moment to be stuck under a quilt sewing the binding on.... get to it!!!!

Tuppence Crafts said...

Thankyou for kind comment of my quilt. I too don't like doing the binding,but your quilt is so beautiful it would be worth doing it. I hope to make alot of new projects once my sewing room is complete.

Robyn said...

I love your description of how binding 'bawks' you!!
So true for some of