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Friday, April 24, 2009

Doll inspiration

Did you have a Barbie? I had a Sindy & a PJ (Ithink she was a friend of Barbie)...I was never really much of a dolly girl really...had a couple of favourites I but wasn't doll mad! But it was lovely to find this set of doll clothing embellishments recently...we have moved so many times that I am amazed they are still around!

They brought back memories of dolls kept in little suitcases with their clothes & taken to friends places to play. Dad even made me a little white painted wardrobe for my room.

Now I am using some of these treasures to embellish my dolls dress quilt & enjoying making dresses that remind me of long-gone grandmothers, ladies that worked in chocolate shops & my mother when she was young & stylish.
I have started work on a similar project with my boys in mind... it is a little bit harder but fun once you get going.
Cardygirl xx

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