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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sweet distraction!

Hope everyone had a fun Melbourne Cup day yesterday.
I didn't even have a bet or go in a sweep...not at work so cup wise life was pretty quiet.
Instead I had a dental implant...nice that it is over & I am now in the home stretch (dentally speaking!).
A bit uncomfortable but it will improve!
So, to cheer me up, my non blogging friend Lea came over & we played with fabric.
We are both doing Christine's 9patch swap & we figured we will need more than 72 blocks, so we have pooled our repro stashes & are making more blocks!
It is gorgeous to see the fabrics spread all over the floor.

They were very interesting apparently!
We are cutting two of each colour combination, so I think we each now have about 18 extra blocks...
we are really looking forward to seeing ours & the swap ones together.

Cardygirl xx


Deb said...

Hey I hope you're having great fun and the toothe is not too painful. Had a bubbly for you last night - and oh - having another now! Hope you're doing the same.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ohhh - look at all your lovely stash - looks like the cat is enjoying it too lol.

Chocolate Cat said...

Think a play with fabrics is the perfect thing to distract you from your tooth! Love the photo of your helper playing too!!

Shiree said...

Hi Alison,
hope your tooth is not too painful, and getting in the way of quilting!!! Good luck with your nine-patch swap, it looks great fun sorting thru all that fabric,

Cathy said...

How is the dentistry going? I hope it has all settled down now? I love your gorgeous cat, don't they love to be a part of what we are doing? I have a dog now and she would sit on my fabric too if I let her!!! xo

Kylie said...

Look at all that gorgeous fabric. Glad you had a nice afternoon to take your mind of the dental work - I hate the dentist.