Fun in my fabric world....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Lunch & fabric fun!

There is rain on the roof & a cool wind blowing...bliss! After a day on my feet at the local patchwork shop it will be heaven to stick up those very sore feet & have a coffee...and stitch!

We had a lovely day yesterday...a friend turned 50...lunch by the harbour at Newcastle...old friends...great food...lots of laughter...a celebration of life!

Then home to finish the gorgeous bag which I had spotted on so many arms at Nundle last week! Some ladies from Inverell had all done them- very inspiring! I really love it as it is cute & roomy...quick to make...good pressies!!!!

Bought some Aviary today, and some spots & stripes to go with my son's robot fabric- still hoping for inspiration as he really loves it! Watch this space...


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Thanks to everyone for their warm welcome & encouraging words!!!!!
Two days of work over & done with...a few things to inspire ( definitely more interesting than dealing with the dust bunnies!!)...some new fabric that my 18yo son loves ( nice to know my little boy is still in there somewhere...) ... what it will become, who knows?????

And also...
I was very taken with the dolls dress designer challenge that Holly Holderman had on her blog a few months ago...having sooooo much fun with the dresses...almost Queen Mum-like at times to memories of hand-me-down pinafores...I am now working on some boy outfits...lots of ideas for fun boy stuff!!

Hoping for a cool change today... the sound of rain on the roof would be lovely. The trees are showing signs of impending Autumn...I love the cooler weather!

Cardygirl xx

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks for the welcome....

It was lovely to read your welcoming comments....THANKS! Am trying to contain the impulse to check the comments too frequently!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Had a lovely day...went to lunch with my DH...always fun!


Spent some time making bags for Easter- lovely patterns from Hatched & Patched. Hope the family like them filled with eggs!

Busy with my Nundle projects too- am counting the days till next year!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Learning curve!

Determination is the key! It has taken a while but I think I have worked out how to link with goes...thankyou Chookyblue, Happy in Quilting, Day-Day, and the wonderful Kerry for your encouragement!


We had the best day in Nundle yesterday!

A HUGE thankyou to Kerry & her helpers, and also Leanne and Rosalie for sharing their talents with so much joy!
Busy working on projects- will show as they are completed!
Cardygirl xx

It's only the beginning....

Well here goes....thanks to the lovely Chookyblue, Happyinquilting, Day-Days & other lovely bloggers at Kerry's Girls Day in the Country yesterday I am coming out of the lurking shadows & dipping my toe into the waters of blogging!


Feel like a bit of a mushroom at the moment........


Lots to learn.......


Be back soon