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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When the storm was over!

Yesterday was spent confined to our hotel, setting up a temporary sewing circle in a corner of the lobby. The staff of the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC were fabulous...a credit to their hotel. This a reenactment of trying to get outside...

Some of these were consumed...

Knitting and sewing done...and lots of chatter too.

Lots of wind and rain, but we were warm and snug. Other areas have not fared so well, and our thoughts were with those trying to find sanctuary. The Potomac was full of debris...

But the much photographed squirrels were out and about.

Today it was still COLD and wet...but we ventured out on a Trolley Bus tour (fabulous staff...Sooner Steve and Mike) and saw the memorials...all of the museums and Arlington were closed. The town was so very us a great view and easy access to memorials to Lincoln,


and Martin Luther King.

My Dad served during the Korean War, so I was in awe of the memorial to those who served there.

Almost frozen, Loz and I made a glamorous pair in our matching LILAC spray jackets... OMG I am wearing a pastel???? Note to self...never try to buy a spray jacket when a Hurricane is bearing down on you and expect both colour choice and a size that fits...we looked like a pair of lilac puff balls...but we were dry!

Off to Houston tomorrow!
Cardygirl xxx

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy that is! We are safely bunkered down in our Washington DC hotel. We have fudge and chocolate covered pretzels....we are hoping that will meet our food needs! Who knows what the next day will bring, but we are fine and have stitching ready to go! At present all is pretty quiet with light rain...hoping it does not get too bad, but the city seems well prepared.

We arrived at lunchtime and then spent the afternoon racing around the major sites in case we do not have another chance.

It is a beautiful much history...something beautiful everywhere I look. It would be lovely to see it when there is not a hurricane heading our way.

Wish us luck!
Cardygirl xx

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Location:Waiting for Sandy!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yesterday Loz and I decided to investigate Amish country with a driver, as the public transport in the area is very poor and many shops are situated away from main tourist drag. We found a great shop, Hannah's Quilts, after a recommendation from some Dutch quilters. Well, I think Hannah was rubbing her hands together with glee as, after the arrival of two more friends, some Amish quilts were purchased. Beautifully hand quilted with the makers initials, date and place...lovely!

We also investigated Lancaster itself and an old graveyard....amazing to wander around.

Still amazed by squirrels...we saw this little chap!

Cardygirl xx

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A proud city

New York has been amazing! A fascinating city with so much to see and do...we have barely scratched the surface, but our feet remind us of how much we have walked...and walked.

Finally we have the street system worked out and are navigating quite well. Every now and then we need some directions, but everyone is pleased to help...lovely people who think we talk strangely...oui!

Today we strolled 5th Avenue...went to the stunning library and Bryants park, saw a mass in St Patricks Cathedral and lit a candle for my mum. We were dazzled by the diamonds in Tiffany's, admired the fashionable shops, went to the top and bottom of the Rockefeller Centre and gazed over an overcast New York...beautiful.

I love walking the streets, hearing people talk and seeing how they much fun!

We have been so impressed by the pride New Yorkers have in their city and the brave people that serve them...the police and fire departments. We had the good fortune to meet a delightful I am with one of NY's finest!

Cardygirl xxx
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lost in translation?

On our travels there have been some funny signs to share...

not sure I really want to eat here...

Interesting...hairy tonsils?

Not sure about this either...

Odd name for a loo....

Interesting new jewellery range??

What do they say about back rubs??

Do they do other colours?

Holiday season for grass?

We are a bit tired!

First day of skating at Rockefeller Centre...

Companions who add so much fun!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, October 21, 2012

And the fun continues!

We are still in Portland, Oregon...a beautiful city with lots of friendly people. It has been a lovely introduction to the US. Yesterday was spent visiting an antiques much amazing stuff that you would never see in Australia. I am yet to transfer some pics from Loz's camera of my purchase there, not an antique quilt, but a lovely coat, perfect for the cool drizzly weather here.

We have seen lots of fabulous Halloween decorations...lots of fun. Even tried candy corn!

Yesterday we were very fortunate to share shopping and a class at Holly Hills Quilt Shop with Bonnie Sullivan and Kathy Schmitz. They are such lovely generous ladies and we had a ball. Loz was like a star struck schoolgirl meeting her idol, Kathy...she forgot all about us and headed off with her new BFF! Oh well, infatuations come and go, we knew she'd come back to us...eventually!

Poor Kathy is still recovering from the reaction Lea and I had to seeing a squirrel(complete with nut in mouth...very cute!) for the first is hard to concentrate on driving when two silly Australians are screaming.."OMG it's a squirrel" ...and Loz is trying to cope with being a front seat passenger ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD...thanks Kathy for being so gracious and understanding!

The workshop was so much fun...we have made journal covers! Their new book is fabulous and I think we have depleted the shop supplies.

Today has been spent exploring this beautiful city...

Saturday markets, Museum of Contemporary Craft, Powells bookstore, a bit of retail therapy (soft orange leather gloves) and then a trip on the cable car...a slightly nervous but VERY GOOD friend conquered her fears and came with good is she?

Other highlights have included me learning to "talk" American...apparently I "talk" funny! I can now be understood by the locals to a certain degree...Loz even heard me say "thank you very MURCH"...OMG I have turned into Elvis!
Enjoy the snaps, I will keep posting as we have access!
Cardygirl xx

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Gone to America!

Well, despite lots of obstacles I made it to the airport and off we headed to the USA. Lea and I had a night in Sydney, then went to the airport. Numerous repacks of leas bag ensued, but we finally made it.

There was even an encounter with the doppelgänger of a friends ex...cue Cardy calling out "Neil" and coughing loudly! You had to be there! We have met some lovely people who have pointed us in the right direction to our hotel, lovely border security Cardy, the other right was a long flight after all! We looked like a bizarre quilting convoy, dragging our bags along the streets of Portland. So I will try and keep in touch, as we journey around America.

Cardygirl xxx
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Still no Kevin here!

Well...a bit of an absence as we frantically try to regain some semblance of "normality". Not that we are having much success at present. Rather than being the most boring of bloggers raving on about renovation glitches, kitchen suppliers going bankrupt before yours is made, changing temp accommodation yet again and family illnesses, I will show you some snaps of what progress has been made in the house stakes...
just waiting for a BIG window...
just waiting for some fill...
oh dear Kevin McCloud where are you with your pithy analysis of the renovation process????
No sewing as such, just binding this quilt for Miss E's dear Robert...he is certainly a much loved part of the family now (don't get excited, Miss E had to finish the last bit of binding for me!).
My journeys in Blogland have been very sporadic of late with all that has been happening. I will be a bit absent for the next few weeks as well, a long planned (but now poorly timed) journey is about to begin with some dear friends...I will soon be around waving a bit of red, white and blue!
Wish me luck!
Cardygirl XX