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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My blog....a contemplation.

My blog has been quiet lately. I haven't had a lot to say or show, I have struggled to find my blogging mojo. And I have noticed that this is not peculiar to me, a lot of my fellow bloggers are quiet, not having a lot to say. Why is that?
Well, I can only give my personal version. Once more, my work position is about to change...back to full time, but a position that will stretch my brain, give me more clinical time (which I love) and provide a challenge. It seems to leave little time for sewing, and blogging. Who really wants to hear that someone is busy, after all, we all are with our own lives!
So, to address my own lack of creative time, I have decided that organisation is the key! Hand sewing time is easiest, so if I can get prepped on the weekend, then I should have time to stitch in the evenings...good plan???

At our recent MSG workshop, those clever girls from south of the border (Melbourne!), had lovely hexie bags. Well, I did have a touch of hexie envy, so I decided to make my own. Many years ago I had created one for my mum from a pattern purchased in Mittagong, designer unknown. So I set about making it bucket sized so I could carry all the things I imagine I might sew, but may not actually do!

It is nearly done...just need to add some drawstrings. A bit of fiddling in making the lining fit, but I am happy with it.there are a few versions of it about.

Then I set about making a clamshell cushion to brighten up my lounge. Watch this space!

One nice part of this past week was giving a quilt to dear friends....lovely to see it in a happy home! There are so many quilts in my home, I have decided to gift some to those I love. It felt good. What do we all do with the mountain of quilts we make?

My blog will stay active, it is a good personal journal, how do you find time to do all your busy life entails?

Hope you had a Happy from Molly and me!
Cardygirl xxx

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Dizzy-ness!

Once more I find it astounding that time is flying by.
I am starting to sound like my mother, but can really see what she was talking about.
Life is full of lots of happenings...the face of our family is changing in so many lovely ways...children stepping into new phases of their lives, and we are adjusting to our changing roles too. 
Change is makes us grow.
My head has been dizzy in so many ways!
 Last week I had the extremely good fortune to spend a weekend with the most DELIGHTFUL group of ladies...too many names to share here, but some new friendships were made, 
as well as some friends were met in person for the first time and those long distance friendships were well and truly validated.
 It was a diverse but happy group...
 such a clever and inspiring crowd...
it just made you want to create...
and create some more.
Why oh why does work have to intrude on my creative time?
Maybe my clients could form a sewing circle??? 
That could be interesting!
Under the gentle tutelage of the ever so kind MSG, I set to work on a new vision...
it will be a longer term project....but do I need to hurry? See, even I am growing and changing with what I am wanting to create!
For some fabulous photos of the weekend and our fabulous venue, Cottage Quiltworks, head over to the super fun Meredithe's blog...
she was a much better blogger than me and recorded all the action!
Thanks ladies...
let's do it all again!
Cardygirl xx