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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oops, I didn't post again! Part 2

More Melbourne pics, it was such fun!
We saw all the sights
Walked for miles,
Stopped for coffee,
Admired this beautiful city,
Had more coffee,
Shopped some more,
And just enjoyed mini break!
Part 3 tomorrow!
Cardygirl xx

Oops, I didn't post again! Part 1

Posts have been started and left incomplete....intentions did not lead to posts, and time has gone by so very quickly.

Rather than pontificate on my March and most of April, a few pics may suffice. I headed to Melbourne with dear friends, Loz and FQB aka Janette to see Marg's Sampson George's Quilts in The Barn students exhibition. We had a ball in Melbourne, loving the graffiti, alleys and very cool vibe. I need to go back with my DH and explore! He would also LOVE the cafes, coffee and cake!

The exhibition was fabulous and so well organised by Marg, Jean, Lizzie and Linda- all beautifully supported by a merry band of helpers and husbands. It was an inspiring day and was made even more fun when we met so many virtual friends at long last! 

We then had fun exploring Melbourne. Lots of coffee was sipped, and even a few pastries were sampled! We contemplated walking home at one stage!
As you would expect, visits to L'uccello and Amitie were on our must do list....a girl has to do what a girl has to do! And I even had a private moment with the original Smitten Quilt by Lucy Kingwell...and the Amitie staff did not take their eyes off me!

The "Melbourne girls" very generously held a dinner in our honour on the Saturday much fun! Sweet girls, clever, warm and very funny....great cooks too. It was one of those nights where you realise that we all share a common bond with our stitching, and feel privileged to call these girls friends.

I can't wait to go back, catch up with these girls and perhaps even have a stitching weekend!
I will follow with Part 2!
Cardygirl xx