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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Le Petite...eleven down, one to go!

Amazingly I have just finished my eleventh Le Petite small quilt top. It has been another big year in Cardy world...some which I have shared here and some which has been kept quietly in my real world. That is the way life is, and sometimes when it has been super busy with family stuff, work and study it has been nice to have the goal to sew a little top each month. Some months that was all I achieved, but I am amazed to see all the tops, both quilted and unquilted waiting for homes. Most will be for baby gifts, some I may keep in case my children want them...who knows what is ahead (hopefully no imminent announcements as I am not ready for THAT yet!).
Here is "Fanfare"...a sweet little Schnibbles that seemed to suit Kate Spain's Central Park as I didn't want to cut the fabrics up too much and lose the medium/large motifs. A yellow background? Well it is spring here and I felt in need of a stronger background...I think it works...what do you think?
I am not sure what the last month will bring...I am so pleased I jumped in and appreciate the inspiration & coordination of Sherri & Sinta...and lastly, I recently received a parcel from Miss Rosie & Carrie themselves...two layer cakes and a fabulous felt kit just for generous & thoughtful!
 Cardygirl xx

Monday, September 26, 2011

Good intentions...

...don't get blog posts done! I sometimes despair that life never hits that quiet, settled patch when I have time to reflect & achieve something just for the sake of it. The past week I have been away with work in Sydney, squeezing in some big work days around the trip locally too. I have been lucky enough to have DS home with a uni break so we did some serious hedge trimming (great upper arm workout) and some spring garden planting. always fun to see what each week throws at you.
Not a lot of stitching, but managed to finish the ottoman for DD. Good pattern, followed it to a "T", but it did not allow for the directional nature of the apple print, so some colors did not align...only worked this out at construction phase and the thought of unpicking all that quilting was too much to bear. DD is happy with it and it will be fine for feet!
I will miss the deadline for TTS to will be ready for next year...everyone who has finished has done a great job...hope I am not the only straggler!
 Here is DS with Molly before he left.
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Playing catch up.

It has been a good weekend...a visit from some dear friends who had moved away...and some time to stitch.
The weather has turned very spring like and my garden is waking up. I love seeing the blossoms and leaf buds...a nice time of year.
And some time to sew...there is so much started and needing completion it was hard to know what to pick up first. After some inspiration from Kate while I was in Singapore, I have succumbed to the temptation of The Circle Game from amitie...loving this! hand piecing is so relaxing...and it is laying flat!
 I stitched this little cross stitch pear together and added a real pear stem...
and worked on an ottoman I bought at the Sydney craft show...I had fun with the machine construction!
Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ends and beginnings...

The last assignment for this year has been sent off through cyberspace & will hopefully arrive at it's destination. It felt so good to hit that send button & know that I might have some sewing time again. I have so missed stitching & have so many things I want to complete and then some new starts I hope! Yay!
I have been stitching my TTS blocks, I was woefully behind the group but dear Chookyblue gave me a huge kick and now I am shamed into stitching...and enjoying it too. I have six blocks done...six to go!
Dear Anne Heidi had a giveaway on her blog & I was fortunate enough to receive this parcel all the way from Norway... some lovely fabrics, buttons and a sweet felt pincushion kit which I am dying to start. Thankyou!
This was the sweet bag I gave as a gift at the recent 21st...I would have loved this one...a rag basket...someone else thought it was just the right size!
 Sadly we lost our dear dog, Purdey late last week. She was 14 1/2 years old, and such a good girl. We all miss her unconditional love & trust...sad to have to make the decision to ease her distress... but such a loyal friend deserved our compassion. SB was unable to be here, so the VERY best of friends, Lea, came to console and help lay Purdey to rest. Not a nice job to bury a friend, but Lea added her own brand of sunshine on a grey & rainy afternoon. It would have been tough without her.
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lunch with a good egg!

Friday was one of those nice days when you get to catch up with a bloggy friend.
Trish from Too Many Eggs in one Basket lives about 2hrs away from me, so we met part way at a fabric shop, Busy Needles at Singleton (Hi Bev!) then had some lunch. Great fun!
Saturday night was spent at a dear friend's daughters 21st birthday party (rural halls are sooo cold!)...I was a textile artiste (!) and Lea was an artist ( I think she borrowed the specs from Elton!).
Then reality hit and I headed back to the books. By all accounts a glorious day outside, but I was here...assignment half done...should have it done over the next week. Then I hope to finish some of that sewing! I am having trouble leaving comments in some formats of blogger...anyone else?
 Cardygirl xx