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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Feels like Groundhog day?

Well, it seems like we are repeating our days over and over again...if there is no rest for the wicked, I must have been REALLY naughty at some stage! There is so much happening and all remains focused on family, renovating and finding our feet in our beautiful new city.
 Not being settled in the new house has left me feeling somewhat will settle and realistically with all that is happening it is the least of my worries!
One dear blogging friend recently remarked how she loves seeing the renovation was a bit like Grand Designs goes Cardy! All I can say is that I wish dishy Kevin McCloud was around to smooth my furrowed brow ( now I will be in trouble with DH!!!!). Hopefully it will not be like GD episodes where the homeowner gets pregnant and there is a massive cost over-run! Here is the leadlight window waiting to go in and make the house look super cute. 
And the retaining wall waiting to be filled. Some suggestions are being made that it would be a great plunge pool...might make us very popular neighbours!
On the sewing front, there is little to report...a case of the mind is willing but the body too tired! to back this up...can you believe that we have been in an apartment about 200m from a large Spotlight for two weeks and I haven't even been through the door as there has been neither time nor inclination...yikes!
My FIL remains very ill...sadly at almost 89 years of age we start to wear out. This is hard for him to accept but it is a privilege to be able to be there to support him in this part of his life journey. 
Finally, on a happier note, Molly has taken to city life with gusto! The beach, lots of walks and the never ending thrill of meeting new people and smelling new dogs' @#%*! 
Thanks for reading this...I feel like there is no sunshine here at present, but the clouds will clear!
 Cardygirl xx

Monday, September 24, 2012

Some semblance of normality?

Much has happened since I last posted. 
 The move has occurred, eventfully as expected with everything we do lately! Thunderstorms, forecasts of hail and high winds, had ourselves and the removalists scurrying like ants. Finally after two long and tiring days the truck was loaded and the house was oddly bare and quiet. Time to move onto the next phase in our lives. While it was funny to leave the house, when the quilts and embroideries were removed from the walls, it didn't seem like home any more. I will miss all the love and thought that went into building the house, and of course I will cherish the happy memories of the times spent there as a family, but our new lives in Newcastle will be fabulous!
Before I left town, we had one last "craft" nice to see the girls and a bit surreal too, surely I will be back next week? Lea made the most fabulous sewing machine cake to celebrate the occasion
...and it was yummy too! Not a great deal of sewing done, but lovely to chat, the group has been meeting in one form or another for 21 how young we were!Lea has some more pics here. I shall miss their chatter, inspiration and gentle support through those testing times in wasn't all about sewing, it was all about sharing too.
These girls are one of the hardest things to leave!
Sadly in the midst of all the moving, my father in law suffered a heart attack and is still very ill in hospital. Fortunately we are now close by so we can visit often. 
So, as you would imagine, there has been little time to stitch. A few cross-stitches at night is all I have been able to manage before I drop into bed. But this week I plan to have some hand-piecing at the ready for some quieter moments...fingers crossed! Here is my interim stitching spot.
 Now, back to the reason for moving....the house continues to progress, frames for the extension are erected and the roof will go on this week. it seems never ending, but it will happen!
And, on a lighter note, here is our very non-citified Molly- her eyes are still on stalks as she becomes used to the many dogs and so many people and cars! Pushbikes, motorbikes and even someone on a kayak! She had never seen the sea before, but quickly cottoned on to the idea of a dog friendly beach (with so many friendly dogs too!). I think she will quite like it here.
Thank you for all your kind will be good to be settled again!

Cardygirl xx

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Winds of change!

As is usual in Cardy-world of late, the changes continue at a fast pace.
Each cupboard I open, I throw out the "stuff" of life...I have garbage bags scattered through the house collecting all those things we seem reluctant to discard (WHY???? I am asking myself!).
Here is my slowly progressing "Soul Searching" quilt...I am enjoying it's gentle progress...the brown block is nearly done, then just aqua and red to go...yay! It was hard to handle on the line with the morning sun behind it and a bit of a breeze....
So I headed inside and finished (at last) my final uni assignment for this semester. 
It is due in a week, but with all that was happening here, I needed to complete it so I can focus on the huge task of moving. I have decided to end my foray into adult education at Grad Diploma level...and have big plans for being a normal (?) person again next year who can actually enjoy life without continually squawking about due dates and discussion boards. 
Here is the partially completed quilt in the afternoon glow...I am happy with it!
On the moving front, all is progressing well, but the house will not be ready for me to move into....a bit of couch surfing will occur, but it will only be for a few weeks. Here is my teeny tiny backyard this week...full of tradesmen (they are a lovely bunch) and two was full on. I don't know if they appreciated my joke about making a few changes???? 
And here it is the next day with the foundations successfully poured. 
On the work front, I had two interviews and it seems work is now organised...tick!
So, please know I pop in as often as I can to see what you are up to, and hopefully life will settle in a month or two! With 2.5 weeks until the big move, look at my dining table...eek!
  Cardygirl XX