Fun in my fabric world....

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Now, that is hard to believe!

The Scene: I have realised that I am going to the Hunter Valley with sewing friends.

The Dilemma: What do I take??????

I really love my DWR, but I take it to each retreat, and it is deflating my mojo just thinking about doing it again. So many little pieces! Whilst I am keen to finish it, I need to do something small, achievable and fun.

But what???

Everything I am doing at present is hand stitching....oh the agony!
Maybe the Smitten Quilt blocks will come along for the ride?

What do you like to sew when going away?

Cardygirl xx

Sunday, February 1, 2015


What do you do with yours?
Do you like sewing with scraps or do you like working within a range?
I seem to have lots of them.
Varying in size and shape.
Some are tiny but they are still cherished.
This year is very much a finishing off year.
Encouraged by my friend Kate, we are cheering each other on to a few finishes.
Some big, some a bit smaller, and some which have me scratching my head as to why, when the finish was so close, it was put aside. I bet you are nodding!
So this week saw me appliqué the last six circles on my circle game quilt, which I actually thought I had done.
And add binding to this simple quilt. It was intended to look like an old and much loved eiderdown...I am happy with it.
And I have been playing in my scrap bins.
Some fabric is always purchased, no point in lying, but it is to fill known gaps as I really want to use the fabrics that I have purchased and still love.
So I continue with my Smitten quilt and am diving into my all looks a bit scrappy, but that is the point.
It will document the journey fabric has taken me on, and show where I am going.
Must finish this beauty too...

Cardygirl xx