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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

 Evening is falling here...and 2011 is almost over. 
Whilst each year has it's highs and lows, this one has been a bit taxing! Long absences of loved ones with the subsequent hardships of managing daily life without support, the challenges of parenting young adults who experience adult problems, supporting parents finding their way alone again and the myriad of worries that seem to pervade our lives. Whilst this all adds resilience and colour to life, I would hope 2012 may be a little calmer in my household.
In 2012 I look forward to DD starting her new life and job on the coast full of hope and love, DS continuing with his studies and further maturing into a young man who is truly lovely to know, and that dear SB will see some reward for his very consuming work commitments which will enhance life for us all. Decisions need to be made about relocating from our rural home of more than twenty years as work and family commitments are no longer here. Moving back to the city of my youth I feel some trepidation...will I fit I wish to settle back here? Family and friends are keen for my return...I feel becalmed and unsure. As one wise friend assured me...time will reveal which way to go. So I must be patient.
Fortunately  I have my pressure release valve which always keeps me sane(?) or perhaps at least anchored! Stitching takes me away and calms my head...I think designated time each day will be the key. My boss laughs about the little bag of fabric, hexies and gluestick on my desk...he calls it my security blanket! Small and achievable projects...lots of bright colours...stretching some boundaries....that will keep me grounded.
My last finish for this year was an apron for DD...super cute and very retro in 30's repro...for her new kitchen (a late Christmas present)...
and some inspiration for 2012 comes from Lise, some lovely "Friendship" charm squares that I think will become a new version of this...
I need to do it before we meet at GDITC in March...thankyou!
Thank you for being my blog friends in 2011, each comment is appreciated and your support valued. 
Have a Happy New Year and may 2012 be kind to you and yours!
Cardygirl xx

Friday, December 30, 2011

Hexies, books & Sugar Baby!

That lovely post Christmas lull has found us...I was a bit worried that I had missed it!
So I was able to find my way back to the pile of WIP's sitting near my chair, and find something fun to do!
This is stage one of a Hexagon embellished cushion cover...a purchase from Material Obsession on my recent visit. I love hexies and it was fun to fiddle with it last night. I think the bottom row of hexies will be placed straight as they do draw the eye a bit! It came in a little box with everything but thread & the cushion insert...pattern, needle, glue stick, papers, clip for hexie holding & gorgeous ribbon to trim the back as well as the fabric in your choice of contemporary, pretty or festive!
This lovely book was a gift for Christmas...I am loving it!
I made four of these little bags, from Anni's book, as presents...but forgot to take pics...oops! I will try & get them back for a photo shoot as they are all different colours & designs to suit their recipients. This one was inspired by a cute pattern of Stephanie's called Sugar Baby...I love Dresdens!
More tomorrow...
Cardygirl xx

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Memories of another Christmas too quickly passed...

That is probably the worst thing about Christmas...before you know it, it has whizzed on by!
All the preparation, planning and lead-up, then it flies past in a flurry of paper, ribbons, laughter and celebration. Whilst I always love this season, I always find time to reflect on the year that has been and what I hope for the year ahead. 
Back to this year though, a small family gathering...just us and my mum...I have always wondered what a big boisterous family Christmas would be like...we are just a small unit...but we always have a lovely time together. This year we were joined for part of the day by DD's very lovely lucky we were to have him share our day. 
Lovely gifts were given and received...memories shared.
And a special part was the lovely gift I received from Anita in the SSCS...a beautifully embroidered mini quilt and fun cow out Chookyblue as I will be "spot on" at identifying Dutch cows now! The stitching is lovely...I felt very spoilt!
So I look to the year ahead...DD is about to move away to a new position on the coast (she is super excited)...I need to make decisions about where our family is based...and I hope to finish my study in 2012.
Are you looking forward too? 
Cardygirl xx

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Have the happiest Christmas!

As usual, the week leading up to Christmas has zipped events...collecting family from Sydney Airport...the best of intentions to blog...and the rush to finish gifts!
Tuesday was a quick trip to Sydney and the opportunity to visit with Kathy and her inspiring team at Material Obsession...even met the lovely Wendy Williams of Flying Fish fame.
It was like the proverbial kid in a candy much lovely fabric...not sure what to do!
In the end I bought some quirky bits that will fussy cut beautifully!
Hope everyone has a joyous Christmas with those you love...and if those you love are far away, may you have time to reflect on when you will be together again.
We are having a quiet family Christmas, nice sharing some peaceful time.
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Almost looked like snow!

But not quite! In the midst of my pre-Christmas mayhem I made an ottoman for DS...he requested black, bright blue & green and some robot fabric I had used in a quilt for him.
From a pattern by Kathy at Material Obsession (Turban Ottoman I think) that was also in a Quilters Companion magazine...super easy and quick & really looks smart (I think!). We decided to fill it with bean bag beans...they were everywhere!!!! I believe they have minds of their own!!! If I wasn't in Australia I might think there was a blizzard coming!
So now while I am running around like a mad woman, DS can chill out with his tootsies up! That is, after the lawns are mowed and his room is tidy...and he has walked the dog...and swept the path....and....
 Cardygirl xx

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Sewing Christmas nightmare...

'Twas two weeks before Christmas in Cardygirl's house, 
Cardy was sewing,  she daren't leave the house.
She needed to hang the stockings, but no chimney there...
please, please don't let St Nick soon be ANYWHERE near there!
Sound familiar?????
All was going well after work this morning, washing done, house fairly tidy...time to finish those presents!
I was going SO WELL...I was really impressed by myself actually...I could handle any pressure the festive season wanted to throw at me...far too smug I say in hindsight.
Things looked like this...very happy creating...just a peek...then this happened...
a rotary cutter injury...ow...ow...ow! Nice slice off the old fingernail...ow! Not good!
And naturally not a bandaid in the house!
So what did I do? May as well do the groceries while I am out buying bandaids...then cook a cake for a lunch I am going to tomorrow...may as well blog about my poor coordination.
Lesson of the day...when you are rushing, remember to move your fingers!
 Might get back to those pressies tomorrow?
Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

 Christmas tree up and  decorated!
Santas arranged!
Quilt hung in the entry!
Now just need to finish those pressies!
Wish me luck!
Cardygirl xx

Thursday, December 1, 2011

SSCS swap surprise!

My SSCS swap for 2011 has arrived...all the way from Anita in the Netherlands!
I was REALLY excited!!! 
I have placed my gift under the tree for Christmas (no peeking, squeezing or shaking!), but opened my ornament and a couple of treats that Anita sent. I waited until we were all home to do this (mutter, mutter from the kids) as I wanted to share this lovely surprise.
Delicious and beautifully stitched gingerbread men to hang on my tree...
and cute dutch treats...clogs and coffee sweets in a cute tin!
Thankyou Anita...I love them!
 Feeling festive, I made a gift bag...
and caught up with some cross stitch!
I am now feeling quite about you?
Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Trying to focus...

 Why do I sew? Funny, at school I struggled with "sewing" in primary school...not a very nurturing environment led to a fear of the sewing room...but long bouts of night duty saw an interest in counted cross stitch...then patchwork, smocking, knitting and embroidery all joined in. I hate sitting and doing nothing with my hands. The joy of color and texture...the way you can "lose" yourself in your work...get some respite from the noise of every day time. I guess you may be the same. And if only I had time to create all that lurks in my creative brain...sigh! I think that I need to concentrate on some of the beauties resting in my workbasket...more time consuming, but very enjoyable. I have been playing with the Bloggers BOM is the second one and number 3 is under way... 
Dear Lea has been working away on these beauties for the expected twin sons of her goddaughter...they are so much fun...
...makes me want to make one too ( no have too much else to do!!!)
...they are impressive though...she is now binding them with a scrappy binding...perfect!
Maintaining some type of creative order...that may be my focus for's hoping!
Wish I was this relaxed!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Almost grumpy...but not quite!

We can all hear the sound of an approaching will be here before we know it!
I was at the local shopping centre yesterday and they were playing carols that were a little tacky for my taste...Boney M Christmas???? All the decorations and hard is very tiring when I am really wanting peace and a sense of tranquillity from what should be a gentle time of the I going mad? I love giving gifts and the sense of excitement that Christmas brings, but it really does get tiring at times...or am I turning into the grinch?
 To lift the mood I decided to finish this lovely felt ornament that Fiona sent to me. She and Sylvia hold wonderful workshops and retreats...wish I was a little closer! Isn't it great? I enjoyed every minute of it...think it worked well at lifting a possible bah- humbug moment!
As I was engrossed in Doc Martin (I think sometimes I sound a bit like him...eeek!), I thought I should finish this binding...many of you will know my aversion to has only been a year!
And I even started some present sewing...did the zippers first as they are the least fun bit!
Hope you have some sewing time!
Cardygirl xx

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Circles, circles everywhere!

The last few weeks have been taken up with family, friends and work...lovely really, but from today we have a little break until visitors return for Christmas. Time to catch up with Christmas stitching and a bit of a tidy-up before the festive break. How do I let so much mess build up???
We have had lots of rain here...and apparently more to come. I hate our hot summers so I am quite happy with our current period of cooler weather & rain. I don't even mind mowing the lawn.
Some stitching tonight...I am caught up with the circle game blocks & even have the first round of frames on them all...finished Number 7 tonight, but no pic as yet. Next one shouldn't be too far off. They are hanging on my improv design to gaze at.
Hope to start a bit of Christmas decorating on the weekend...have a good clean as I go!
Have you started Christmas decorating yet???
Cardygirl xx

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I started to feel Christmas-y today!

And that is because of this...
My SSCS for 2011...ready for mailing to somewhere quite is so exciting!
I hope it is loved by it's new owner and that she can feel my delight in every stitch.
I love the fancy post bag, don't you? Now it is time to wait to hear it has arrived!
Last year I sent to lovely Anne Heidi...
and Nicky sent to me!
 Before that my gift was from Cheryl...
and I sent to Carole!
We still keep in touch and I love seeing their gifts...they are very special!
Thanks dear Chookyelf blue, for coordinating this swap!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The week that was...

...and it went zooming by! Some stitching on my SSCS...nearly ready for posting thank goodness. As we have visitors, it was time to dash all over the countryside to catch up with friends...and some work stuff too.
 In the last week we have been to Sydney and back...
...Brisbane for two days...
...Armidale and back...
...Newcastle and back...
 ...a grand total of 20.5 hrs driving and  3hrs flying...phew!
Some stitching was achieved (thanks Fiona & Sylvia)...
a little shopping...some great food (Il Centro, Brisbane...yum!)
Back to work tomorrow, and hopefully a quieter week!
Cardygirl xx

Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy, busy!

Well, not a lot more done on my TTS blocks since I left Chookyblue's, but I aim to keep going with it.
Busy here...picking up travelling family from airports and just spending some time catching up...lovely!
A busy week ahead so I have some hand stitching prepared for those quiet moments!
 Here is one of the bearded dragons which live in my back garden and play Russian roulette when I am mowing!
 Cardygirl xx