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Monday, May 26, 2014

Like a goldfish in a bowl...

The final few stitches have been sewn and now I have two new cushions for the sofa. There are a few sewing buddies that, mistakenly, believed I had gone into the clamshell cushion business and are expecting theirs to be soon under construction, BUT, they are very wrong! Done and dusted, with beautiful concealed zips, I am now looking for something new to other words, I am ALL clammed out! Here they will stay!

There are a few infant projects wanting my attention, most notable is my MSG project. But like any goldfish in a bowl, I have been distracted and forgotten what I was doing (also cue in those evil temptresses, Jean & Lizzie) and have embarked on the Trip Around the a World quilt along inspired by the clever Brigitte Giblin...have a look for it on FB.

My effort so far was beautifully described by a friend as "exuberant". I was thinking loud, even boisterous, so I did appreciate her lovely twist to my colourful interpretation of this traditional pattern. Try as I might, my volume switch is stuck on loud...I think it is reflective of my present pace of life. Oh well, it is nice to know that what I am stitching is a true reflection of me!

Yes, it is actually good ( yes, positive self talk- a sign of my mania!) as the TAW quilt along has given me a no fuss hand stitching project that I can keep in my bag when I am out on the road with work...who knows when a girl will get a quiet moment for a stitch? Don't you love justifying your addictions? I am sure there are worse things I could do. I always feel happier knowing my security stitching is nestled in my handbag.
Do you carry security stitching....just in case?
Cardygirl xx

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Thursday, May 15, 2014


The sad thing about not blogging regularly is that you really struggle to get back to it. What to say?
Well I think we mostly love to hear about what we are all stitching, so here goes!
I am still plugging away on my second clamshell cushion cover...

It is almost ready to start quilting, and I am loving it!

I quilted the first with black perle cotton and loved that, I think I may do that for the second...or should I play with some yellow, orange or turquoise...or a little of each?

I was a little concerned that they might be a little "loud" , but I am hopeful that on my pale grey leather sofa they will add a nice "pop" to the room. Once I assemble them I think they might look better!

BUT, I think, at least for the moment, they will just be for "show" you do that?
Hand work, particularly EPP, seems to be the easiest thing to do at present... I am loving snipping pieces from my stash, and then watching them come to life along side fabrics I would never have putting together at one time.

Loving the happy scrappiness! And my new GIANT teacup!
Cardygirl xx

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

It is all about the journey apparently.

The last week has been good in my sewing world. I have actually been creative, and I have really enjoyed it!
Clamshells have been an easy and fun project, using lots from my stash....and not even a dent in it. Sewing machine time is still not happening, which is fine, but I am powering on with some relaxing hand work. New cushions would look fabulous on my lounge, so scrappy clamshells were my thought. I got a bit excited today, the clamshells are complete and so I thought, some quick machine quilting and I will have one cushion done...great!

But then I had a talk with my sewing conscience who said, "don't rush it, it is about the enjoyment of the journey, not a rush to the finish", or something like that! Okay, I know some perle hand quilting would look better, so that is what I will or multi colours?

My big hexie bag is is made from 2" hexies, so will be able to carry as much sewing as I might aspire to do,

And I have been playing with some 1/2" hexies too. The most annoying part of this is that one rosette seems to have now disappeared, I am probably walking around looking for it, and all the time it is most likely stuck on my butt! No, hang on...not there!

Bitterly cold here today, by our standards at least, nice to stay inside in the warmth!
Hope you are somewhere cosy!
Cardygirl xx

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