Fun in my fabric world....

Saturday, July 30, 2011

In a place far far away...

Somewhere, someone is taking a break in a place that looks like this and drinking cocktails with fruit in them...yum! Bliss....good for the soul!

Cardygirl xx

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What could this mean?

Super cute bag from Anni Downs' new book..."Some Kind of Wonderful"...great travel size...hmmm?
I used some Denyse Schmidt scraps and some linen from the stash. Anni's version had some embroidery, but I can barely sit still at present, let alone embroider...I think this looks okay though.
It is machine quilted and I love the lining is full of goodies. I added a little lady beetle as a zip pull...I bought it a couple of years ago whilst visiting Beijing.
Loading some new music this evening...scared the oh so grown up offspring with a "youth attack"...oh I felt twenty again...loud singing..."Ita" and "Cheap Wine"and "Teach your children"...where did the years go?
Sounds like I need a break away!
 Cardygirl xx

Catching up.

A bit of sewing done, and an assignment complete...time whizzes by!
 Le Petite finished early for this month as there is a lot happening and knew it could be forgotten.
The fabric is Hideaway, the Schnibbles pattern, George. I was not sure about this one, but as it came together I just loved I seem to love them all!
Mum recently celebrated her birthday...she never "needs" I made her a lap quilt and one of my Le Petite quilts will hang on her wall. She was happy! I even bound them super fast.
Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cross stitch...mmm delicious!

Cross stitch is a bit of a release for me...a few quiet minutes, no sewing machine, rotary cutter or iron...quick and portable (provided I have light and sadly...magnification!).
I am currently working on this design... 
 Feather Your Nest- With Thy Needle& Thread
DMC cotton-1 strand
28ct Cashel linen
Worked over 1 thread
Slow progress, but relaxing. Nowadays I have to enlarge the chart too...sigh...but that is okay...but what wasn't okay was the way this obviously delicious design was nibbled...hmmm...any ideas? I suppose this may have been what was meant by "Sampler"???? 
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Great weather for playing with fabric!

It has been such a bitterly cold weekend...icy winds...and hard to find a warm spot really!
Back into an assignment, but I decided to have some reward time too...fabric time!
Playing with these sweet blocks for Le Petite...
made this mess!
Hoping to visit a loved one who has been travelling for such a long might mean I need a little bag to hold some stitching when I am flying.
Inspired by Anni's bag in her new book "Some Kind of Wonderful", I didn't have time to add the stitcheries, just let some scraps do all the work. Still need to construct it and then get some plane friendly stitching organised. Hopefully the trip will come would be nice to have a break...and even nicer to catch up with family if possible...will have to keep my fingers crossed!
Cardygirl xx