Fun in my fabric world....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just a slight shade of pea green....

...yup, just a little envious I would have to admit.
I am not a girl who normally gets is not something I really understand. If it is not mine, I either work toward getting my own or simply don't worry about it. Life is too short. So many people spend far too much time worrying about what other people have...too much negativity is so draining.
on that note I did find myself starting to turn a pale shade of Wicked Witch of the West GREEN last night. Some of you who have the misfortune to know me in the real world have no doubt that I have a few witch like traits...evil laugh!
So what had me turning all chameleon?????
Kylie, a funny, warm and super talented lady who I have been attending sewing group with is making a Dear Jane. GASP! I love it, I want it...can't she give it to me?
And it is almost all machine sewn...even little teeny tiny oval piecing fiddly stuff...she is a whizz!
Here are some more pics...
I just love it...
makes me want to make one (I must need those tablets the doctor wanted me to take? Just joking!! Hope she was joking??)...don't you love it too?
Here is the sill above my desk....think it sums me up!
Next thing I will be growing a wart on my chin...oops...oh no....
Witchygirl xxx

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dilly dally addit...

...tried to start a small project after dinner...even felt excited.
BUT, it went know why?
I have decided it is all too hard when I am trying to find fabrics when they are all stored like this!!!
So, hand piecing it will be until I get some storage organised.
Cardygirl xx

Dilly-dally, need to make a start!

Sunday again...why oh why does work always have to start again on Monday when you are just starting to get into the Sunday groove????
After some cold and rainy days, the weather was glorious yesterday, so I headed off to visit my darling daughter and then meet two dear friends about an hour or so from my home for lunch.
As always we had a lovely afternoon chatting, laughing and catching up on each others news.
With a view like this, who could NOT have a great time?
We then had a bit of a shop...I encouraged them to buy some really nice homewares!
Then back to DD's place to load up with breakables...they are moving back to Newcastle...very close to me (cheer) I am helping them to move some small stuff in preparation for the big move.
Today was the same as yours most likely...washing, tidying, a bit of a dust through, and then (hopefully) some creative time. Hand work seems to be my thing at present...I am pressing on with my pinwheels...
and working on my circle game borders too!
 But I have nothing machine-y on the go at present, so I then tend to wander aimlessly around thinking about what I could start....not very productive at all!
What to do, what to do?
I need some new cushions...there is a bag I would like to make...I have a couple of things I could prep ready to start...I just need to make a start really and stop dilly dallying!
 Cardygirl xx

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My life as a pinball...

Or at least, how a pinball must feel!
Bounced around at a whim, never knowing which direction I will take next.
Sounds exciting? Not really, but at least life is full of surprises!
This past week was always going to be a busy one...I had something on every night, a two day work conference as well as the usual work over commitments.
 It was one of those weeks that you have organised like a military operation.
But it also ended up being one of those weeks that you are so glad that you were able to be there for some people that are very dear to you.
My dear friend Bron's son fell from a water tank stand at his farm and was flown to the hospital just minutes up the road from my home during the week. Fortunately the injuries will incapacitate him for a while, but he will recover. Chez Cardy became a defacto home for his wife and young sons so they could be nearby.
And Cardy had some granny practice (eeek!). The most beautiful boys had me walking to the park, spinning them on the equipment and then having a bit of a swing!
Fortunately surgery has gone well and he is recovering...time will be the best medicine.
A little progress was made last night on these pinwheels...spinning crazily like me!
I was quite particular about matching my centres (they are matching beautifully!), then realised they have an applique circle over them...oh well- it is all about technique?
But the lessons of this week have been that it is good to be there to support dear friends, little boys are fun and veeeeery busy (!), and that I am no where near being in granny mode yet!
Cardy xx

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Being a mother.

Being a mother...just one of so many roles we fulfil  in our busy lives...mother, daughter, wife, friend, colleague...but being a mother becomes a large part of the person that we are.
But, in addition to being the mother of the children I adore, I tend to spend my life "mothering" so many around and friends, and to some extent my experiences as a mother shape the way that I deal with and support the clients in my professional life.
So, wherever you are, whoever you "mother", have a wonderful Mothers Day.
Here, I was fortunate to have my daughter come to visit and then my dear Mum came for lunch. Lovely!
Rather than head out, we had delicious bowls of homemade soup and damper...plenty of time to chat and just catch up with each other. What the day is all about.
My son was too far way to head home, but instead he surprised me with beautiful flowers...I was very impressed by this, he is a thoughtful and sensitive young man...sometimes during the teenage years you wonder whether that will ever stay strong and know that our sometimes trying, sometimes quite difficult teens do grow into lovely men who do love their mothers!
My Mothers Day festivities actually began last week. My daughter and her sweet beau took me to see Katie Noonan at a lovely venue very near my new home. I have adored her music for a long time, so seeing her in such an intimate setting was brilliant. If you ever get the chance to see her live, DO, she is even better live, and such a funny, warm and engaging lady as well as a very professional musician...and all with the most beautiful of voices.We had such a lovely night out.
Some time has also been spent this week organising my cupboards. Here is a corner of the sewing room ...not fully organised yet, but it is starting to come together...I can even find my STUFF! At long last.
Lastly, I have been waiting for my new sit and sew, chat or watch the TV.
Love it, love it, love it! My daughter is calling it the Witch's chair!
Here I can sit and plot my sewing future!
Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A lovely time was had...

What a lovely time I had last weekend with a generous, funny and talented group of ladies! 
Thank you!
What a lovely relaxing, inspiring and fun weekend I shared with Janette, Olga, Cristie, Cathie, Debbie, Elizabeth, Chris and Dianne (hope the spellings are right!). The show and tell was fabulous...and so very inspiring...especially to me with the super jaded mojo! I feel like sitting and stitching...and then stitching some more! Some conversations made me almost I in a movie????
Here are some gorgeous glimpses...
 look amazing is this broderie perse???
 a great challenge!
 paper piecing everywhere...
 a fabulous spot to sit...
 at this most beautiful homestead
 Camyr Allen at Gresford.
 Thanks for letting me share your weekend, and thank you Janet for hosting our stay and feeding us so beautifully!
Cardygirl XX

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Packing a bag...

Well, in those famous words...I am packing my bag and will be ready to go!
Not tonight, but very soon! Quite frankly I feel a bit nervous about it all as well.
I have to old am I?
As you are well aware, relocating from our home of 21 years to a city we left as idealistic newly-weds 26 years earlier has been quite a so many ways. Leaving a FABULOUS group of sewing friends (who I still miss so very much) and trying to find a sense of takes time.
Relevance you say?
Well, I have been asked away with a group of ladies for this weekend...woohoo!
I have known Janette for a year, and met Cristie recently...and they have very kindly asked me to fill the gap created when one of the "regulars" was unable to attend. How thoughtful of them to help create an opportunity for me to meet some stitchers. I have been lucky to meet some lovely ladies who share my stitching interest since the move, both at Quilt-essentials and also at Pot Pourri Cottage, I recently went to the Novocastrian Quilters...which I will probably join. Funny how having stitching friends is essential to "settling in". So, I am ready-ing my bag for the weekend...
the circle game is on my hit list.
And my slowly growing cross stitch might head along for after dinner.
Wish me luck...I am looking forward to a great weekend!
Cardygirl xx