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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Learning not to doubt myself.

Doubting myself, I don't do it as much as I used to, but I still have that ability to question myself even when I know what I am doing is right, or at least right for me. I think we all do it, at least some times, and it has the potential to cripple a creative moment. Yikes! I tend to be responsible for making lots of decisions , both at home and work, so generally I don't let it phase me, but if life is hectic and I am feeling pressured, the Queen of Procrastination can sweep in and take over my little kingdom leading to hours wasted second guessing myself! Are you feeling it?
A few months ago I began a journey to create something different, something to reflect who I was in she good, bad or just plain lacking in taste!  It started with a fuschia pink and natural linen check, and an idea to "take an element" of something that inspires me, and then create from there. In a workshop with Margaret Sampson-George I began to relax and just enjoy what I am doing, to believe in myself and to USE THAT STASH!
Slowly it is progressing, and it is fun. I am learning things about colour, placement, and that I do like a dash of happy loud. A couple of days off sick has given me a chance to add some more elements, but sadly I am back from the brink and will be able to head back to work tomorrow.
And to leave you with a "you have to love him" is my beloved cat sitting on the ornamental only cushions...what could I do, but leave him there...and smile!

Hope the dreaded Queen hasn't visited you lately!
Cardygirl xx