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Monday, January 28, 2013

A little stitch here and there...

Rain, rain and more rain! That is what our long weekend has been. Dorothea McKellar certainly had it right when she penned her famous poem...droughts and flooding rains...following the recent fires, Australia has certainly had its share of nature in all of its glory. The inclement weather has forced me inside, and made me feel a little less guilty about grabbing some stitching time.

Some stitching on The Yule Sampler by The Primitive Needle on 40ct linen.

One vintage Dresden almost appliquéd in place...still auditioning centres. This project has been fun. It is odd finishing someone else's work...our techniques and styles differ somewhat, but I hope that she knows that her UFO is being finished with love.

And a start...just because! I have had this Adam & Eve cross stitch, "And all was for an appil" by the Scarlet Letter on 40ct Vintage Light Examplar. I think sometimes a start gets you motivated....what do you think?
The kitchen should be almost complete this week, bench tops should be installed tomorrow. Then I can wash up in a kitchen, rather than here.

I am hoping that it will soon be more settled, and there will be a break from work on the house. The past week has been hectic, mum needing an operation in the middle of it all. Another job interview has led to more work, so I will be working full time for a period...doesn't give me much time to stitch, but the work will be interesting and will help me to feel settled.

I hope all those affected by the flooding are safe and dry tonight.
Cardygirl xx

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Monday, January 21, 2013

The progress so far...

Just a quick post to share the progress of the kitchen. Here was how we started the morning...

And how we finished the day...

I am happy with it....

very neutral so I am able to add/change colour as I wish. They will finish the cupboards on Thursday and the benchtops should be installed next week.
It is coming together....and I might just be relaxing a my very relaxed site foreman!

I promise I will post some stitching soon.
Cardygirl xx

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One more sleep....

And hopefully that long awaited kitchen might start to appear. It was supposed to be here last week...but now it is this week and the laundry has been delayed now I am putting on my happy face and reassuring myself that "it won't happen overnight...but it will happen"... Optimism is my friend?
Here is the space cleared tonight ready for something to appear in the morning.

I have not joined in Chookyblue's SAL (something about a UFO I need to finish first), but I have been watching everyone make these cute little thread is my version. They are cute!

Not a lot of stitching happening still...lots of changes on the work front...I am getting good at interviews...and finding a niche!

A sweet friend gave me these gorgeous flowers on his first visit to our new home... I love flowers and enjoyed seeing them every day. Lucky me!
Cardygirl xx

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Renovating: the fabric edition

Well, the renovating continues, BUT this time it is a fabric version just for a bit of variety.

Whilst in Houston, Loz and I found some vintage Dresden plates in need of some love and care. They had apparently been made by a quilter 60+ years ago, but with only 20 wedges when in fact they needed to be composed of 26 wedges in order for them to sit flat...oops! In frustration (we have all been there!) they were tossed in the back of a cupboard.

So Loz and I decided to rescue some, renovate and then give them a new home. Buying a couple of extras, I have been able to make four complete Dresden's and am now ready to appliqué them onto this check. I decided to re-stitch the seams by machine, keeping the original stitching.

Still toying with centres at present. Just need to keep removing an interested fluff ball!

Cardygirl xx

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

A new beginning.

I have read with interest posts on what was achieved by so many clever stitchers in 2013. So many lovely and inspiring projects which I have admired...and have actually inspired me to think about stitching...woohoo! Not that I have, but the mind is ticking over and I am hopeful that there may be a few stitches done tonight.
Some stitching was achieved last year, but the year was consumed by study, renovations and relocation! A most challenging year that I am happy to wave goodbye to....far too much stress and pressure has left us exhausted physically and emotionally. But as we unpack and begin to feel like we belong here, I feel sure that in six months we will know that it was all worth it. Once I settle with work and the unpacking is complete, it will feel more like home.
So here are some snaps of our big project for 2012....from the entry...

Looking through to the rear...

When the kitchen finally arrives in two weeks, I will dance with is what I am working with at present...a bit challenging, boy, will I appreciate that new kitchen!

A chance to set up my sewing machine...

And here I am( looking a tad pale!) with my DH on our new rear deck...

we have had our moments of late, but have found we are better just working together!
Cardygirl xx

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