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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Oops! I didn't post again! Part 3 aka The very late and amended edition!

I know this post is super late, but I like to use my blog as a diary. Whilst it was written a few weeks ago, life interfered, but I would like to add it any way.

Well, finally I am back...again a month later!!!! Some of you will be aware of the terrible weather that lashed Newcastle and surrounding areas this week last month, cyclonic conditions, electricity outages for extended periods, damage to property and, most sadly, loss of life.
 We were without power for 60+ hours and regard ourselves as fortunate as our home was safe and snug, I was amazed at how REALLY dark it is without lights!
And the sound of the storm was relentless- it was almost overwhelming towards the end coupled with the harmonics from the power lines, and the suddenly an eerie stillness fell, I cannot imagine how a tornado would sound!
We had a gas cooktop so I was able to cook for us and Mum, and Mum had a thermos of hot water delivered morning and night. She wanted to stay in her own home so we stocked her up with batteries and lamps, she was well cared for! I showered at a neighbours and we managed well. Molly and Aris weathered the storm also, no doubt quietly wondering had their family not paid a bill!
We had neighbours trees resting in our yard, but no real harm done.
A large jacaranda and gum blew down behind us- really sad to see these large trees lost.
Across the road a large tree brought down power lines and then lay suspended over our neighbours car! The car escaped with minor damage. But it was quite spectacular in a weird sort of way.
This weekend has been all about the clean up, our little neighbours donned gumboots and came to help too which was fun.
We were all very pleased to see the electricity emergency crews make it to our street.
Really, it was all about checking on friends, neighbours and even strangers to make sure they are okay.
Many areas were without power for much longer and some communities have struggled post flood. I noted in yesterdays newspapers that our  little suburb was the second hardest hit in our local government area with 3,600 homes (the entire suburb) losing power  and in the whole are over 10,000 trees were lost.
I attended work the next morning during the height of the storm and the destruction was amazing to see.
From it all I think how lucky we are to have good services, disaster planning and strong communities- we managed where many people in other countries are not so fortunate.

Cardygirl xx