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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Such a very long time since I last posted.

At present there is little time to think about posting or reading blogs. Whilst I pop in and out on IG, the time is not there to sit and compose a post. Work remains all consuming, and we have had lots of busy activities happening here.
Reorganising living spaces (I adore Ikea), tidying the yard, appointments that need to be attended. You know how it is...all our lives seem to have these busy times where we need to prioritise in order to keep plans on track.
Only a few sleeps to go and our dear daughter, Eleanore, will marry the lovely Robert. This day has been planned for months...not long to go now. I have finished work and now feel a bit less overwhelmed. The house is tidy, the garden is pretty, I just need to buy some stockings for the big day! Presents are arriving, we are all on high alert!
Now we are looking forward to sharing the day with them, and those they love, a special day indeed.
So, very little has happened on the creative front....sewing wise there has been a table runner for the bridal table, bunting for chairs, but little else...I am sure you understand! 
This afternoon I will organise squares for guests to sign for the back of the wedding quilt which is still under construction...they have kindly given me until their first anniversary...whew!
I will be sure to come back with pics of the happy day!
Cardygirl xxx