Fun in my fabric world....

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cheery brightness!

It has been a big weekend.
Starting Thursday night when I had three special friends to sew, and chat!
Lea, Trish and Cheryll...looking forward to doing it again!
Friday saw Janette and myself hitting the road to drop a friend at Sydney Airport.
We couldn't head straight home...we did need to recharge our batteries for the return journey.
What to do? What to do?
A lengthy visit to Material Obsession was just the tonic for weary travellers.
Thank goodness for Kathy and her wonderful troupe of happy stitchers...we both left with bags of happiness and minds full of inspiration.
It was exhausting!
Some fabric for skirts...a SUPER bargain...gorgeous!
Here is my new project...
And this is how that pile of fabric  looks tonight...
super easy with the EZ Double Wedding Ring rulers.
I am loving this!
Saturday saw me popping in to the local Stitches and Craft Show after another early trip to Sydney Airport...this time picking up a traveller.
And meeting a blogging friend, Leanne.
I love these big clamshells that she had made.
Hope you had a happy weekend too!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thankfully I am done with excuses...

And now I can reveal a fully bound Soul Searching Quilt...complete with hanging sleeve!
As I said, finding some "hangers" was a bit of a challenge, but my sewing friends are a lovely lot, and I soon found some very kind and willing volunteers.
I also took this picture on my back fence as I wanted to see it in the daylight.
I am pleased with it.
Have you seen this?
I am quite enjoying the new look Down Under Quilts, and this issue was extra special as there was a quilt created by a clever bloggy friend, Cathy. It is lovely, well worth a look.
This afternoon was earmarked for sewing time once all the household jobs were complete. Then my dear daughter and her beau arrived and suggested a walk on the beach with the dog...great idea! All was going well until a certain spotty dog decided that it was best to swim into the shipping channel of the Harbour! Great! Fortunately some lovely kayakers and a family in a motorboat managed to steer her back to the breakwater...and the gathered crowd exclaiming loudly about the sea-bound canine!
Innocent, I think not!
So, this evening has been spent doing prep work...all the pieces cut for the amitie BOM, circles ironed and ready to applique
...all bagged and ready to go!
Making fair progress this month.
Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Excuses Part Five...the final hurrah!

I know, I know...enough of the excuses!
It is actually bound...looks fabulous too.
I have no one to hold it up!
I want a lovely shot of it held high in the daylight.
It deserves it.
So, give me  a couple of days and I might be able to find a friend!
I have only a little clothesline, and no where else to hang it...but I will find a solution!
That was the final moment....drumroll, fireworks! Please!
In other happenings...
this is still under construction, but looks fabulous...Amish with a twist...gorgeous!
A BOM about to start at Quilt-Essentials, a lovely shop owned by Jenny where I sew fortnightly.
It looks great...nice to see the lovely solids, reminds me of my trip with Lea and Lorraine to Amish country.
I was very tempted! But I have stayed strong!
The bibs are finished for the sweet baby boys living next door to me.
Stay tuned for some Soul Searching pictures if I can find a friend!
 Cardygirl xx