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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family, friends,fabric and even some felt

Since my last post there have been family and friends coming and going from Chez Cardy.
Lots of meals, lots of laughs, 
some sightseeing and even a few tears when it was time to go!
The shortest day of the year marks our wedding anniversary...hard to believe we married on a beautiful evening just like this so many years ago...
Children home for uni break...and friends claiming the spare room as their own!!!
quilts back from the quilter...
and waiting to be bound (yeah right!)...
a BOM up to date ( and a postman being stalked)...
not much happening in the sewing area (still), but some nice temptation from the craft show, 
work is just all-consuming and shows no sign of letting up any time soon. 
Now that all my visitors seem to be gone (sad) I might have a little more opportunity?
Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Now, the quilts...and a visitor!

Finally back to look at the quilts from the Sydney Quilt Show.
Permission was obtained from three friends who received prizes for their beautiful quilts.
Firstly, dear Kate who received a commendation for this beauty...
and this amazing quilt from is a fascinating view of how she sees her handsome husband.
Love it! I would love to do something like inspiring.
And, here is the award winning quilt of Janet. The workmanship is amazing...the accolades were truly deserved by a talented and gracious quilter.
It was so lovely to see all of the quilts...and nice to be able to share a few. 
After the Show, we had some "medicinal bubbles" with friends from the Show, and then I headed home to prepare for the arrival of a VERY special visitor!
Look who is at my place...Loz!
How lovely! We have had a lovely time exploring Newcastle.
More to come!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Darling Harbour...done and dusted for 2013! The beginning...

Well, this year was a little different.
Lea and I have always headed off to the Quilt Show at Darling Harbour bright and early. We have missed a few over the years...but not many...our tastes have changed...we have made "good" purchases, but we have also had some "what was I thinking?" moments. But this year there were some changes: Lea was too busy with renovations to come (gasp!!!!- she must have lots happening!), I am no longer in the country near her and I really have no time to do too much sewing wise. BUT- it is always a great day to catch up with friends from far and not so far! And also to soak up some creativity ions!
So, bright and early SB and I headed down the freeway to Sydney. I am not sure he really understands that when I say I want to be there when it opens, I really do mean it. Not a minute to waste.
I arrived and dashed straight to E28- Material Obsession to catch up with Kathy and Kate. Kate is a dear friend who lives in more tropical climes and returns each year to help Kathy on the stand and also to see everyone who misses her being close by. Like me. We chatter...the girls inspire me with their creativity, and the world becomes an even lovelier place for seeing them.
I attended a Masterclass with the dynamic duo- Kathy Doughty and Wendy Williams. It was all about layers, and was very inspiring in it's advice about colour, movement and the stunning wool felt work that Wendy does. 
Bonus news is that Wendy will release a book of her designs. Fabulous, can't wait for that!
 More excitement was catching up with some lovely Bloggy friends...Jean, Kate and Bernadette. Lots of fun! 
Lots of laughter...and great girls to be with while we looked at the quilts. They were amazing. I have never been so brave as to exhibit a I am always in awe of the ladies who put a bit of themselves out there and display their work. Not all are to my taste, but I admire the work in each one and marvel at how different we all are. That said, I still do not really understand bling!
As many of you are aware, we cannot publish pics of the quilts without the permission of the maker. I have sent off some emails requesting this from some very talented friends who entered their quilts...some even won awards. I think they all deserve awards really! So, hopefully tomorrow I can show some pics.
Here is another happy snap of my day...not a quilt show without a pic with dear Kathy!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Quite flash I think...

Well, I think I have made something quite posh...and it is just a humble tea cosy.
That is what I was up to...and I have enjoyed it!
Foundation pieced, a pattern from here..
it might look great when I have some ladies over for tea, but it might look a bit too flashy for every day use?
I have another tea cosy planned...will have to keep it less dramatic and more subtle in my kitchen.
Do you like it?
It actually makes me smile. 
But what is even better is that I have really enjoyed making it, and look forward to sewing a little more.
I do enjoy a cup of current favourites are sweet basil with liquorice or vanilla rooibos...
what is your favourite tea?
Cardygirl xx

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Soft rain falling, finally some sewing...

As evening fell, so they rain began to fall too.
And I retreated to my longer any reasons not to sew...the house is clean, the yard fairly tidy...the washing done and packed away.
Just a little done so far...
what will it be?
Something slightly retro but with a daily use...hmmm?
Hopefully some progress tomorrow as more rain is forecast.
Cardygirl xx