Fun in my fabric world....

Monday, April 22, 2013

April is nearly over!

It is hard to believe that April is nearly over...where is this year going?
I look at my blogging stats and see that I am well in the running for a bad bloggers award.
My brain spends time planning projects...constructing them in my mind...even picturing the completed works of art (?) on walls or beds. I gaze at my stash...fondle it...refold it and then pack it back away.
A serious case of the mind is there but it is not getting put into action.
So..instead I will show snippets from last weekend...
the octagons slowly growing...
lovely applique...
beautiful fabrics...
 lovely cross stitch from Miss R...
more beautiful fabrics...
aaaah the inspiration of it all!
Currently I am working 9days per fortnight, but fortunately this week there is a Public Holiday for ANZAC there is a plan!
Hopefully Thursday will find me creating matter how big or small...just something!
Watch this space!
Cardygirl xx

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Guess who came for dinner...and lunch...and a sleepover too!

After a busy couple of weeks at work, I have been blessed with a visit from two dear dear stitching friends from my former country home...hooray!
We sat up VERY late last night (think early hours this morning!!!!) chatting and catching up with news, family info and just generally enjoying each others company...oh how I miss these girls in my daily life!
There was show and tell.
Today we went shopping at Pot Pourri Cottage (always nice!) and bought some bits and pieces. I was inspired by a teeny tiny quilt on hard could little hexies be? Because they are little aren't they really really quick?????
Here is my flower from 1/4" hexie papers. Looks great?
In comparison to R's MONSTER hexie flower it looks miniscule. 
J thinks it would make a great quilt....for a teeny tiny dolls house bed!
I don't think that it is the start of something big.
We have had yummy cupcakes...
and spent time stitching ( I have spent more time talking and procrastinating...go figure!)
So glad they are here!
Cardygirl xx