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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Close, but no flimsy!

Happy new year to you all! Despite the best laid sewing plans (read grandiose ideas!) I did not get too far with these blocks. Finished a couple more, but I chose to chat with friends I seldom see and walk with DH and the dog to watch the fireworks over the city...good for the soul ( and the burgeoning waistline!!!).

So I guess these blocks will become the first flimsy for 2014!
Let us hope for a calm and gentle 2014 both in my home and yours...
Cardygirl xx

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Amongst the dust bunnies....

Yes, I did find something that needed finishing. A lot of it is cut out waiting to be sewn and I have my suspicions that it has been hibernating for nearly three years. Big oops!
I am going to be kind to myself though and remind myself that I have had a busy couple of years, renovating, moving and studying....I was not just being lazy. That is my self validation anyway!

It is a pattern called Confetti Cake and I was originally inspired by a quilt I saw on Sherri of A Quilting Life's blog. I still really like it, so the task now is to finish it! It is rather handy that a few more blocks are cut out, so I can just get straight into sewing...much more satisfying!
Hopefully there might be a bit more to show before 2013 comes to a close!
Cardygirl xx

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

That lovely post Christmas lull.

In the lovely lull that followed the excitement of Christmas, I have found some time for my sewing room. Granted, the sewing machine was not exactly sure who I was, but with a quick re-thread, a few soothing words and a lint clean out, she remembered me and we became old friends again. Phew!
Knowing that the current sewing room chaos had the potential to be mojo destroying, I opted for a kit, about eighteen months old from Parson Gray. Definitely an easy option, but achievable and goodness knows I just needed something to get me back into the sewing chair. Despite some early anxiety about cutting out and not messing up the reversed templates, it all went well and before I knew it I was sewing and pinning like the good old days. And soon there was this...

I am super happy with it and so is my son, the happy recipient. It was nice to make something in this manly palette...I love the charcoals, blues and olives. A nice range.

So, this afternoon has been spent tidying and organising my room.

I am keen to finish some other projects that have been gathering dust...

Especially this one.
Cardygirl xx

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Memories of our Christmas 2013.

After all the hype and busy-ness, Christmas has now passed for another year.

Funny, how quickly it rolls around and just as quickly is gone...I think each year I get a little calmer, I have come to realise that it will come and go no matter what I do and it really doesn't matter if potatoes are slightly more "caramelised" than I envisaged or that I bought ten tonnes of glacé fruit but never got around to making cakes...oops! There will always be enough food and, if there isn't, we will manage.

But what was truly lovely was that we had our children and their sweet partners here for at least part of the time, my mum was well and enjoyed her day, and two very dear friends truly became family for the day and joined in the festivities. We ate and laughed and just enjoyed each other's it should be.

Lovely gifts were given and received, but my greatest joy was seeing all of us together, as children make their own way in life they are not always able to be at home and parents are aging. Contemplative, huh?

I suppose it is all about enjoying the special-ness of the Christmas season, and enjoying the joy of our celebration. It was realising that the greatest gift we gave my mum was to all attend midnight mass with her and happily sing traditional carols. Knowing that our tree is full of memories...from the foil covered balls made at preschool twenty years ago, to decorations from my parents tree and from holidays abroad. That was what made our day special.

I hope that you had a joyous Christmas shared with those you love.
Cardygirl xxx

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Whirling and swirling...

Last night at the quilters pre Christmas meet, I realised that my blog was horribly neglected when a couple of my friends remarked on the nothingness swallowing my blog. Oops! The weeks whizz past, work and family life take the time that was previously devoted to sewing. And that is okay, whilst not a lot if sewing is happening, I find myself daydreaming of future projects, what to do with "special" pieces of fabric and planning some time on projects already underway....I am hearing the siren call of my double wedding ring, and am keen to get more done.
We have a two week shut down with work, and I am hoping there will be some sewing time there after the festivities...after the break I am acting in another position which will consume a lot of energy...definitely keeps the brain active if not my sewing fingers!
How do you manage the work/life balance? I think it is something we all struggle with.
I have been cutting out for my amitie BOM in readiness for the hoped for sewing time, but am feeling a bit like this....

Some days I would truly love to have some flying monkeys at my disposal, and some days it feels like I have been squashed under a house! My dear travelling buddy sent me this super cute book mark. ..knowing how much I would love it! Thanks Loz! Good witch today?

Now Christmas preparations are under way....the tree looks pretty despite a few nibbled presents...hmmm?

Jars of cookie mix for gifts (love making these)....

Just waiting for visitors to arrive home...the best gift of all! I am looking forward to seeing these smiles on Christmas Day.
And hopefully these scorching days will quickly pass and we will have a dash of rain!

Cardygirl xx

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Preparations for festivities.

It must be a while since I blogged when my husband and children are requesting a post. It has been busy with work and trying to find some time to get organised for Christmas. Not a huge amount of sewing to do, but a few bits and pieces that I wanted to do.

My dear daughter decided to make a table runner as a gift...

She is quite pleased with it!

At sewing last week, the always clever Kylie was making a tree skirt.

I have been plugging away on my amitie certainly has been a challenge to get all the little points right...I think we are getting better each block, but it is certainly not for the faint of heart!

I had to make a mug bag for a Christmas I have made a few as I am enjoying playing with the colours. Funny how sometimes you make something, then can't stop! Also been playing with some linen...

Cardygirl xx

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