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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Month's end.

I am sorry, but what has happened to time?
January that is scary! The only good thing about is that it is getting closer to autumn when the weather may be a bit more pleasant. Whilst we are always told not to wish our lives away, it seems time is just doing what it wants regardless.
There are some exciting sewing events coming along in the next couple of months, Kaffe and Brandon at MO, a weekend with friends in the Hunter Valley and then an inspirational weekend finally meeting some Melbourne blogging friends with a dose of MSG! Fun!
So, in preparation,I am trying to finish some golden oldies so that I will be able to work on the workshop projects with a relatively clear conscience. Do I hear laughter? I did say relatively!

This kit was purchased at The Old Country Store in that Amish tourist Mecca, Intercourse, PA. It is for a Roman Stripes quilt in Amish plains. It brings back memories of heading out with Loz in a taxi to see some quilt shops dotted around the countryside, all the time Hurricane Sandy bearing down on us and the purchase of our amazingly awful lilac rain jackets! What a hoot!

Interestingly the first patchwork top I ever made was in this pattern, and it has never been quilted as OMG, I picked some really odd fabrics! So this might be my opportunity to redeem myself and have a completed Roman Stripes quilt in my little collection. I am loving the gradation of colours.

And for something completely different...a new mini ironing board is happening!
I hope my Aussie farming friends have rain soon, and those in the northern hemisphere get some reprieve from their chilly weather.

Cardygirl xx

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Looking ahead...

January is quickly passing, was Christmas really a month ago? Busy remains the key word here, lots of things on, people coming and going. The new position at work is settling too, so life is moving along. We have fortunately missed the extreme heat that some friends have experienced, but my thoughts are with those suffering with the current drought.
Sewing is pretty much relegated to the evenings, and it is lovely to have that sewing time especially after the Christmas hubbub. The normal summer television drought is or cricket or endless at least there is no reason not to stitch.

I have been slowly making progress on my cross stitch...I love fine linen but I am not sure how long I will be able to stitch on 40ct linen... Lucky my magnifying light helps! It is nice to cross stitch sometimes, and I love the naïveté of this one.

A belated gift has finally been finished...

It felt quite ironic sewing a Union Jack on Australia Day...oops!
The next few weeks will be busy too. I am fortunate to be attending a workshop hosted by Material Obsession with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably in February. It will be pretty exciting, but I am still in the nervous phase at present. I need to spend some time looking at colours and getting an idea of what I would like to achieve. Fun times ahead.

Cardygirl xx

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The final six.

Blocks that is! Slow, but steady progress and now I only have to sew the final six together and I can start assembling the top.

I have been enjoying the process and am looking forward to seeing it together.
Hot here today, but not terrible like it has been in the southern states and inland. Hope my friends are managing. I came home from work to find my furry friend lolling on the spare bed...the look said it all...

turn the air conditioner on minion!

Cardygirl xx

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Not a resolution in sight.

There were lots of good intentions in Cardy-world of reviewing the year that was and making some resolutions for the year ahead, and here we are a week into the new year and there is not a resolution in sight! Oops! This year is already shaping up to be a busy one....I have moved into a different role and am currently working full is all a bit challenging at present, but in a week or two I will have myself organised like I prefer to be.

Whilst I am not sewing at the pace of old, I have been pleased with these blocks that appeared in my WIP basket. I am thinking of making a few extra as I think they will look fresher without a border...what do you think?
But I have been busy creating in other ways...

spray painting an old cane chair...

To sit near this beautiful jar from my lovely did she guess I would love it?

And assembling some spiffy red Ikea drawers...loving the red!

There was a delicious lunch in a Humpy-town with dear friends...and an attempt to whisk this away...unsuccessful unfortunately!

And sewing with friends.
And also time to talk with much loved but far flung friends who have been ill and others who have lost those near to thoughts are with them.
How is your year shaping up?
Cardygirl xx

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