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Saturday, November 29, 2014

November almost gone!

When did that happen?
Post wedding life has flown by, back to work, back to "normality"....whatever that may be?
The newlyweds are back and now just happy being married....nice, huh?
My work remains something that consumes far too much of my sewing time, not really how I want it, but I enjoy my current role and know that it will not be forever. After two years in contract roles I have secured a permanent position which will give my mind a rest in the current fiscal environment. Whilst I am never without work, security of a position just gives a sense of surety. I am very sad to be leaving my current role, but am returning to my previous contract position which I enjoyed after Christmas. Ho Ho Ho...and off I go!
I had a fabulous weekend away with friends at Middlebrook Station near Scone. 
It was great fun!
Or as I named it...Stitch, Bitch and work colleagues just don't really get it!
But stitching was achieved, I worked on this slowly growing favourite...
which the locals even admired!
Some more clams were created for the newlyweds.
It was just lovely to get away with these dearest of friends and admire the countryside.
Now I am working toward!
Hope you are well wherever you are!
Cardygirl xx

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A day of joy!

After much prompting from my family, the time has come to blog about one of those beautiful milestone days in life... a family wedding.
After a seven month engagement Eleanore and Robert married on a beautiful spring day, surrounded by those they love the most, and who love them.
 It was a joy and privilege to share this day with them, enjoy their planning which made the day a reflection of who they are, and just to see them so very very happy.
A gorgeous cake...
a beautiful bride...

a happy couple...
The planning and anticipation seems to take on a life of its own, and the day whizzes by so very quickly.
Stitching aunts were in attendance...
and danced up a storm!
 (It took me days to stop humming "Blame it on the boogie"...I had a Beyonce hip from shaking too much booty...oops!)
Too soon we are kissing them goodbye as we wished them well on their journey together, it seems hardly any time since it was DH and I sitting at the bridal table. My dear 82yo mother stayed until evening's end, declaring she was not going to miss a minute of the festivities!
Here are my two favourite photos from the day...
and our beautiful girl, ready to go right on time!
We are eagerly awaiting the official pics!
Cardygirl xx