Fun in my fabric world....

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wintry warmers

Cool & drizzling rain here today...nice & cosy inside!
An early start...groceries & petrol...DS fast asleep after arriving home from school retreat.
Went to Scone with a friend looking to buy a birthday present.
On the way home she wanted a pumpkin at a roadside stall...the poor vendors must have been freezing!
I spotted one of my mothers favourites...GRAMMA! She lives in the city & you just can't get them there...rang Mum...yes please she I nursed a hefty gramma the rest of the way home...will give it to her when I am there in a few days.
Also got some little minikins this week...might be nice stuffed & baked...mmm!
It's been a busy week...started my third casual Friday I was pooped!

Still managing to continue stitching this...should have had it finished by now...we have had some creative differences that "blocked" me...some reverse sewing this week & I've got my enthusiasm back!
Looking forward to having a special visitor next weekend & celebrating DD's 21st birthday!

Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Slow burner

I have finished a few projects recently, so it is the exciting time to start planning a new one.
I love the planning & imagining at this stage...I think we all love the thrill of a new project...fresh uncut fabric...a new pattern....that first cut!
So here I has a lot of applique...won't be quick...I'm looking forward to the tranquillity of needleturn! No hurry to finish...just time to enjoy the process.
It's nice to do some quicker things along the way...then relax with a slow burner.
I love a challenge...

What's your next project?

Cardygirl xx

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sewing room tag...

Robyn dared us all to show our sewing rooms/areas... so here goes!
I took over my DH's study when he was no longer working from home...I used to have stuff all over the house, now it is pretty much in the room as well as 2 baskets in the family room where I sit at night. DH still gazes wistfully at his ex-study...but he's been pretty good about it!
I have a bookcase...still share a shelf or two with him...hehe...where I keep patterns, books & little bits & pieces...

There is an old meat safe that holds fabrics, WIP's, button jars, linens, laces & threads...piled high with quilts for the cat to sleep on... a spot for my cutting mat with a light above it...

a desk with the usual paraphernalia...repros in a box on the floor...

a corner with books, chair...basket with current inspirations in one can ever get to the chair!!!!...a little ironing board...

and the rest of my books...cut strips in a shoe box...stranded threads in a folk art box...lace from Paris (thanks Julie & Raelee) enjoyable space!

Hope you liked the tour

Cardygirl xx

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy dove

My last GDITC- Nundle project is finished ( I'm not counting the punchneedle as it was about technique!). The Leanne Beasley piece was lovely & fun to personalise...I think it is becoming a would look nice with the red polka dot as binding on a flanged cushion I think! It really was great to be able to add stitchery touches to make it my own.

A lovely day here...the sheets are flapping on the line...hopefully those that have been flooded are beginning to dry out.

I have a lovely rose was a gift from my friend Penny...another English Rose!

Hope you have some stitching time today!

Cardygirl xx

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dresden done!

The Fig & Plum Dresden plate is done & in the bag....literally!
It was a lovely quick project which used all of the scraps I had & is useful as well....hmmmm...might be good for the present drawer I think.

We haven't had much rain here, lots of wind though...not pleasant at all.

Cats are wonderful creatures....always find the warm & cosy spot to pass the on top of a pile of quilts!

Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Decision made...

Thanks for the input re the blue wedges in the dresden plate I had truly made this with scraps I had no more blues to add as balance ( I think it could have added a little zing!) I have taken the blue wedges out & opted for the subtler tones. Looks good & is on it's way to becoming a bag. Here is the Figgy Pudding quilt that the scraps came from...I quite like the sparkle that comes from the blues & greens.

Also, Christine is having a giveaway to celebrate her 100th post...pop over & visit her...she is coordinating the repro 9 patch swap...100 posts...what a milestone!

Cardygirl xx

Monday, May 18, 2009

Two discoveries!

On Friday I went to the sleepy Hunter Valley town of Merriwa, Pop. 1000. It is a sweet town, nice people, lovely country...but there I made two discoveries!

Whilst at the Central School I was looking at the board of old school photos & I spied my husband, aged 4 then 5, looking back at me! He had been born there & lived there until he was 11. I had a lovely time chatting with a lady from admin who remembered him & his family. really can't go anywhere without knowing someone!

We then found a lovely shop that really did sell a bit of everything....including a few bolts of reproduction fabrics ( I think they had been there for quite sooooome time). On sale & perfect for the 9patch repro swap I am in!
Back to dresden plates...fiddling with some fig& plum scraps...I like the dark centre...might look good on a med background...I am not sure if I like the plates with the blue (DS likes it) or the more subtle look without the blue. Any suggestions? I will put it on a carry bag I think.

Thanks for the interest in the really is odd how we are thinking of the same things even though we are all over the world...
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Going 'round in circles!

It's been one of THOSE weekends!

Not acheiving all I had hoped to achieve...oh, well, maybe my goals were a tad ambitious. Surprise, but very welcome visitors...unexpected interruptions...teenage know how it is!


when I am stressed I all of that angst into the fabric!

I participated in the Dolly Quilt club last year, and this was one of my favourites...

made with the Creative Grids 18 deg wedge is a must have...easy, quick & great fun with coordinates or scraps.

I spent a little time playing with it yesterday...added some ricrac for edging like I had seen here...and I was really pleased with the result. I was talking with blog mentor extraordinare, Chookyblue, & she said that there were lots of Dresdens in blogland at present...isn't it weird that we all share common thoughts...hmmmm! Scary!
Also spent a few hours push mowing my quite large yard...the rideon mower wouldn't start...good head clearing time though! Good exercise on a pleasant day.

Hope your weekend has been a happy one...

Cardygirl xx

Friday, May 15, 2009

Stitching lull...

A couple of busy days...driving to Newcastle to visit my friend who is home from hospital & catching up with my parents...a lovely day...just such a lot of driving...
work today...more driving but fortunately I had some pleasant company!

DS off on a school excursion...will be home late...sounds like baked beans on toast & some serious stitching time!

A table centre completed earlier this year...used a charm pack & a fat quarter... loved the applique.

Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quick stitching!

The clever girls from A spoonful of sugar had this great tutorial about making Scrappy Loyalty card has been on my to do list...found a little time yesterday & whipped them up. Seriously they are VERY quick & easy! Made one for Mum, one for DD to match her Christmas handbag & one for me!

DD's Christmas bag...Thelma's Day out by Janelle Wind.

Have been stitching away at this...I can see completion on the horizon!
Hope you get some stitching time today...

Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It is funny how we seem to have a project or two that are "nearly" finished, but seem to be in that state for far too long!Can't we bear to see that project completed & out of our hands forever (creatively speaking) or are we just easily distracted?
Me...easily distracted without a doubt...LOL.
Here is the robot fabric, and some very nice Neptune & Amy Butler prints that I used to make DS a cuddle quilt for the lounge. The brief to me was "...long so I can curl up in it...", & it is very long! He & his mates like the quilt's boldness, black & the robot fabric! I finished the borders yesterday (more procrastination!) & it is off to the quilters.

My dear housebound cat, Aris, has been driven nearly mad over the last few days by this cheeky Willie Wagtail who spends a large part of the day chattering on the back deck.

Aris dreams of a glass cutter!
Cardygirl xx

Monday, May 11, 2009

I love autumn

A beautiful morning & clear...a lovely time of year.

A couple of projects either completed or almost completed! My friends knitting bag looks cute...I hope she likes it....

the Confetti Blooms quilt top is done...that terrible procrastination had been at work again....I needleturned all of the flowers then couldn't face the centres until last week...didn't take long once I started...just took me too long to start...LOL! It is nice & bright...a little departure from my usual palette. Ready to go off to the quilter now!

The dinosaur muffins were a hit...the tray was easy to use.
Have a good day...

Cardygirl xx

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother-ing day!

Happy Mother-ing Day!
I hope everyone has a lovely day today. We all "mother" those around us in so many ways...whether they are our children, our partners, our friends or colleagues. How many of us support and nurture those around us? At some stage we may need to "mother" our parents is wonderful how this selfless gift of women touches so many in our lives.
Have a wonderful day everyone!
My mum woke me at 0730 (as she is prone to you Mum!) to thank me for the present I left there with my Dad on my last visit. I am so lucky to have her...she is great! She thought we had forgotten...but we had tricked her...she now has a lovely bag for her knitting & it's own matching sewing kit. She plans on showing it off when she sees the "craft girls" later this week!

Mum & DD

I am lucky to have both children here for the weekend...we are planning a day of enjoying each others company. DS bought me a dinosaur muffin mould...he is obviously planning on food!

Enjoy your day!

Cardygirl xx

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Projects done, new projects begun.

Thankyou to everyone who supported (ie pushed) me to finish binding my quilt. TA's done! It looks great, thankyou.

Catching up with a few newer 9 patch swap's the repro stash...

some brights to make a knitting bag for a friend...

the brain is swirling with ideas...
one more quilt to finish binding, 10 needleturn flower centres & then I can justify cutting into some gorgeous fabrics that are beckoning me!

Hope you are having some stitching time today!

Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thankyou Blog support & Dresden Stars

Thanks to blog support, you know who you are, for your help in the "button" placement.

You are a blog lifeline for the cerebrally challenged!

I was talking to a friend about Dresden Plates...I have an embarrassingly large collection of 1930's...collected from the Southern Highlands & just about anywhere I can put my hands on them! I made this Dresden Star for my DD out of them, the original pattern had been featured on the cover of the first issue of Quilters Companion ( sorry I do not know who the designer was!). I loved every moment of making it, except for..... the binding...LOL...see my previous blog about my aversion to binding!

My friend is recovering from her heart surgery, thanks for those who sent their wishes!

Be good & if you can't be good hide the fabric at the back of the cupboard!

Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brain power reduction!

Some days this poor brain feels very tired!
I am having a few blogging issues...I am only basically computer literate & can't seem to work out how to add the button for Christine's reproduction 9 patch to my blog. Dear Robyn emailed me some hints...but she lost me at "go to...."! My hair has darkened with age but some days I am seriously blonde to the core! LOL! With any luck Bill Gates might pop by & get me on track...but I will get it up & going at some stage.
On a brighter note...I can still shop! Don't all blondes ( & other colours too) love to shop? I might just have found some bits of fabric deliciousness out you Birthday Fat 1/4 swappers...hehe!
In an effort to stimulate my snoozing brain cells I might head off to bed tonight with one of my two current books. Both are excellent in totally different ways...MO's books are always inspiring...I got it here & Sarah even signed it for me!
Hopefully I will wake bright & refreshed...I have a work update tomorrow & I need to be alert!
Cardygirl xx

Monday, May 4, 2009

Unpick, unpick, unpick!

It was one of those days!

Not thinking clearly I thought a bit of time at the machine was overdue...but I kept making mistakes! I had started this Monica Poole bag a few weeks ago with some friends & the tension on my "travelling" machine was a bit wacky....thought I would undo the loose stitching & quickly sew up the bag. No problem!

Mistakes!!!!! I sewed the zip in the wrong way, kept breaking needles...grrr....
But eventually it is together & looks might go in the present box for the moment.

Here are the cute shoes I bought at Denman on Saturday.

Cardygirl xx

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Denman Food & Wine Festival

Today I went with my friend, Lea, to this local food & wine festival. We had a lovely time...saw lots of people (Lea knows lots of people), listened to some music...

had some lovely spanish paella for lunch...won't mention the scrumptious white choc cheesecake with berry compote (I know I'm not supposed to be eating naughty things but we did go halves) ...I will have to walk an extra hill tomorrow!!!!

...bought some yummy (& healthy) blueberry & linseed boost to put on my cereal... and ran into someone famous (well I think so!!!!). Not the best photo of dear Lea...she is far more gorgeous than this in real life!

Can you guess who it is??????

A hint...a girl can have a lovely day out with her!

Cardygirl xx

Friday, May 1, 2009

Binding begun...

Thanks for the moral support...have bound a bit over one full side, I aim to have it finished early next week. Once I got started it really wasn't that bad so I aim to do a bit each evening until it is done. Then I will finish the binding on the double wedding ring (naughty me did just the two sides that face the years ago...must do it next!). Isn't it amazing how we put things off, and off, and off...then when we start we wonder why? Maybe I should learn from this...

Off to a stitching friends 70th birthday dinner tonight. What do you but the woman with everything? Thank goodness she is a stitcher...patterns & fabric are always good. The Leannes House book is about Living the Dream...appropriate as she has had a good life.

The nights are getting cooler & the leaves are falling...I love this change of seasons.
Molly kept me company in the garden this afternoon...I think...sometimes she is just a little TOO enthusiastic about helping!

Cardygirl xx