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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blossoms and Bindings.

Mum's quilt arrived back from the very obliging quilter (thankyou Michelle!) and I set to my favourite ( those who know my record slowness with binding can feel free to laugh here!) task of binding. But, it is for my dear mother, so I jumped straight into it & steadily stitched until it was completed...mum is definitely worth the very tender finger I have! If I put on a thimble I just keep changing fingers until I find a thimble-less one. I tried a stick on pad but pulling it off an already sore finger was not very nice!
Here it is bound, just awaiting it's label...I hope she likes it!
 Spring is really here, my garden is full of irises & blossoms, trees bursting into life. I love this time of year but hate the thought that another hot, dry summer is headed my way. Driving to Tamworth yesterday there was a big snake dead on the road...I hate snakes & worry about them around the house. But it is lovely to have the prettiness of a spring garden. 
Cardygirl xx

Monday, September 20, 2010

Flying too fast...

...I am shocked to see that my blogs are few over the past month or so. Time is zipping by and another Monday is here...I need to do a blog and say hello! Mum is in the final preparation stages of her a fortnight she will be settled in her new home...she is very excited and even has said that she is ready to go. She has been pretty good with this process really. Another trip to see her yesterday & collect a couple of boxes that I had always left at her place...all pretty emotional really with some treasures from my childhood. This is all affecting me a bit more than I expected ( I am a hard hearted thing usually!) and I am sleeping poorly with silly dreams and worries. Life will soon sort itself out no doubt! In addition DS went "missing" for 4 days...not really, just a dead phone & no idea we could not contact him...he was most apologetic when all the messages caught up with him & he realised how worried we were about he knew he was okay...LOL! These days it is so easy to stay in touch...we do get very precious when we "lose" contact!
Happily I did a short technique course on Saturday with friends and a great teacher, Nita, at Busy Needles, Singleton. A free project from Don't Look Now. Raw edge applique & quilting. Lots of fun...but I will really need to work on my hand/foot coordination to make quilting stitches look even & nice. Bought a funky big red spot as a Might look good with a Dresden or two.
Do you machine quilt? Any handy tips?
Cardygirl xx

Monday, September 13, 2010

The weekend that was... very busy! Mum's quilt top fully together... to Sydney to see "Wicked" before it ends...
...gaze admiringly at the stunning floral displays in David Jones- oh the perfume...
...a little retail therapy & some VERY cute shoes...
tired but happy & back to work today.
Cardygirl xx

Friday, September 10, 2010


Suitably admonished this appears that I forgot to post a pic of my FULLY completed Gardeners Journal quilt...I started it a few years ago with some friends &, with the motivation of the GJ Stitchalong blog, I finished it a few weeks back. Actually just before our Nundle time to "surprise" blog coordianator Chookyblue. She had just noticed I had not blogged here it is! I chose to do mine in redwork. My favourite bug block!
Cardygirl xx

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sunny days quilt update...

.... or  the quilt for my Mum. Blocks all done...most of sashing complete...binding prepped & ready to go...backing purchased...booked in at quilters...whew!
Hopefully it will soon be in the post & then on it's way back for binding...deadlines do have their advantages!
Mum purchased a great 2 bed villa about 5 mins from her current an over 55's village...great condition...settled the deal with great speed thanks to great professionals. She is SO excited!
These are all the blocks waiting to go together...more pics soon...great pattern from Geoffs Mum!
Cardygirl xx

Monday, September 6, 2010

A little distraction...

...while plugging away at Mum's quilt, I have spent evenings doing some applique...heartily enjoying it too!
Thought I would share it's gentle progress....far from the hectic whirring of my machine.
I rarely machine sew at night as it is nice to sit with the family. I am enjoying watching all the inspiration from the Glorious Colour blog...amazing stuff there!
Cardygirl xx

Thursday, September 2, 2010

This week in review... it is whizzing by so fast! Spring is officially here...the garden is showing signs of life & needing some attention...that will be this weekends job!
Looking for somewhere for Mum to purchase...a sad but necessary move from the home they built as newlyweds...hoping that the quilt will add a smile to a tough time...some more blocks done...five to go!
Some pretty cupcakes made by DD...they always cheer you up!
Chookyblue gave me some of her farm fresh eggs recently...they were beautiful! But look at the amazing colour of theses eggs...this one really is chooky blue!
Cardygirl xx