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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Playing truant!

Some times the energy just is not there...I have been so distracted doing this current calls, thoughts about the has been hard to settle down to writing an essay. I think all of this has physically manifested itself as a very sore neck and shoulder...time to take a break? 
Boy, did I take a break from study, house preparation and garden stuff. Thanks to Kate and her sweet design, Gathered In! I had seen the lap size version a little while back, and now she has a baby sized version from charm squares. Friends have just had a baby girl and I wished to make them a quilt...this looked perfect...even had all the ingredients at home...yippee!  So off I went on my cobweb encrusted machine, and a few hours later I have this sweet little top, predominantly in Ruby with a dash of Bliss. Will quilt it next weekend as I REALLY must knuckle down to that assignment!
Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spots and spotted!

As I have been sharing ( and am secretly thrilled about) I have bound three quilts last week.
There are still a few more to go, but at least I have started. Now my poor finger needs to heal so that I can start again. Most people seem to enjoy hand stitching the binding down as it is the final step of their creative process...I was impressed! Then I thought...hmmm...send out some of my pile to those who "love" binding... evil laugh! But then I know that I could not "let go" of my creations...awfully control freak of me, but that is just the way I am...stop sniggering Chookyblue!
So here is a pic of Number 3...started at our sewing retreat at Nundle in July 2011...this was a great pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew...easy and I love the look of it. SB thinks they look like red clown noses...I like staring at it and seeing the different patterns which form. No borders, just spotty binding...with a very happy spotty dog as embellishment!
Feels like winter is approaching tonight...ANZAC day will be off to a chilly start tomorrow!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A better pic this time!

Still a bit dull here today, but I thought I would try for a better pic of the MO BOM.
Looks a little washed out but the light is not that great even though it is midday.
I must admit it is growing on me...quite pretty really.
Here is my second successfully bound quilt...I love this one and the pretty Kaffe prints.
Hope all is well wherever you are...uni work is calling my name!
 Cardygirl xx

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bind-a-phobia under control!

The true extent of my binding aversion was a source of hilarity at Nundle. And, yes, there are quite a few quilts waiting for their bindings to be hand stitched down. I am Cardy and I am bind-a-phobic (read plain lazy)!Dear Loz offered to stitch them down and their were loud cries of "...but that is the easy bit". But...still I procrastinated! So in that spare five minutes I struggle to find, I counted "almost done" Hall of Shame! OMG...there were 5 bed quilts and 6 baby ones...eeek!
 Well, you will be pleased to know that the largest is done, as is another and a third will be finished whilst watching Whitechapel tonight. I have a decent hole in my finger (I hate thimbles) but I do feel better about myself. Not overly stressed about the baby ones but will get to them in good time.
Here is my MO BOM finally complete...I will try to get a pre dusk pic tomorrow as it looks a bit dull in the twilight. It is pretty, but I have never fallen back in love with her after our big fall out last year (or was it the year before?????). But she will be happy on the bed in DD's room ...the cat already loves her!
Lastly, here is my name tag from Nundle...Kerry asked us to make a nametag...great to see them all...I was lucky enough to win a Homespun subscription for my effort!
Back tomorrow with some BOUND quilt pics!
 Cardygirl xx

Saturday, April 14, 2012

And now back to that post...

 Intentions to post don't result in a post...that I have discovered as time has spun by. I keep thinking about posting, but other issues have been more pressing . But I knew it was getting a bit too long when SB emailed and asked when I was posting again. OOPS! It must have been a bit long between posts. So here we go!
What has been happening...the study remains all consuming, but this semester will end late next month so there will be a break. House planning is still occurring...some work should start soon on leveling floors.
But there has been some fun too. A trip with my family to the Royal Easter show in Sydney was very exciting indeed. Obviously I didn't realise that we were wearing blue that day...I was in OMG we-have-lost-Mum-orange! I think they wanted me to have a lost child ID bracelet too- just in case.
Initially ambivalent about going, I was thrilled to be there... lots of fun looking at exhibits,
 cakes, wood chopping and even a ride on the Ferris Wheel (it was as much fun as I remembered).
Little time or urge to sew, I think there are cobwebs in the sewing room!

 I finished the clamshells from GDITC, but I am not sure if I will make them into a hussif. So at present they are waiting for inspiration...cushion perhaps??
A little quiet cross stitch at is relaxing, perhaps the repetition is soothing for my jangled brain.
And just for Loz...some binding machined on today...aren't you proud?
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pincushions, parties, pruning and play!

We are now in April...the leaves are falling from my trees and the year is whizzing by. This week has seen the submission of a major assignment (phew) and part of my working week covering my manager who was having some well deserved leave whilst addressing some very challenging client behaviours. Glad it is all over. 
Last weekend at Nundle seems a loooong time ago! Seems like the builder will start levelling floors in the new home after the Easter will be nice to see it start.
Part of the GDITC was a pincushion swap from one of Sue Daley's patterns. Mine was a six pointed star...I was happy with it...but I will never know what the recipient thought...not a word or acknowledgment so I will never know where it ended up or if they liked it. Awful really as you go to all that trouble and you never see or know if it was appreciated or not. Oh don't participate in swaps for accolades, but it is nice to be acknowledged. Didn't our Mums teach us to say thankyou?

 I received this lovely apple core pincushion from Maree! I have met Maree before and have long been blogging it was great to receive this pincushion and some lovely pins from her. Thankyou, it is perfect and will be a reminder of Maree & GDITC 2012 whenever I use it! 
Little else of note has happened this week, some pruning in readiness for the house to be listed for sale, and that ongoing declutter.
 But yesterday I decided to play with the soul searching quilt...I had red strips ready( I love red), but could not get "into" I swapped for pink instead...loving this! I did not realise how much I really do love pink...maybe that is part of the soul searching journey????
 Last night was Lea's daughters 21st birthday party...themed with songs from our childhood. I hate fancy dress so was in a I am with a Blues Brother, Mouseketeer and Sadie the Cleaning Lady (complete with original '45 from I old or what!). Funny.
Missing all the fun of the Nundle crowd...glad they are home safely!
Cardygirl xx