Fun in my fabric world....

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A trip north.

A trip 3hrs north yesterday to visit our son at University. He has been quite unwell with Glandular Fever, but, although still tired, seems to be recovering. We set off early in the rain & on arrival it was still only 8 C up there. Whilst a lot of OS people would think this mild, we do not experience such extremes as daytime minus temps here. The clouds were amazing, hanging low over the hills, DH & I had a lovely trip looking at the gorgeous autumn trees....I love seeing the trees change colour.
Clouds heading north...looked like a wave rolling toward us...
sadly the trees at his uni had already dropped...
and a partial rainbow leading us home. It was nice to go & spend the day with him...boys that age are funny- happy to see you, be fed, be bought a warm jacket, then happy to wave goodbye! Got to love them!
Thanks for sharing our day.
Cardygirl xx

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ready to stitch...

Lots of phone/internet issues here...dropping out...annoying. The problems have been identified by the service provider & they are allegedly looking into it...we will wait & see! Fingers crossed!
Lea's African quilt, designed by Ann Ferguson, has made it on to Ann's blog...she has a great post talking of her inspirations, the fabrics & showing pictures of her other African quilts...look here!
The postman kindly paid me a visit yesterday...fabrics from Tennessee Quilts...I am itching to get into them!
They are earmarked for an upcoming weekend when I am going away with some very fun friends!
Looking for some Kaffe Fassett magic...I spend a lot of time gazing admiringly at them.
Cardygirl xx

Monday, May 24, 2010

The weekend started with a bang!

We have not had any rain here for we were all surprised by a huge thunderstorm late on Friday which dropped nearly 2" of rain in about 1 1/2 hrs with wind & hail. My workplace had water pouring down walls...not very nice & the trees dropped any remaining leaves. Fortunately we weathered it well...just a bit of garden damage from storm water...very fortunate!
Before it started....
the end result.
DD started organising fabrics for her first exciting to watch her play...why do cats love fabric??..
and Julie dropped in with a funky flannel number which she has just completed.
Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cake & craft...perfect!

Locally I have some very dear stitching friends...we only occasionally all get together as the demands of work, family & shift working husbands frequently get in the way. But a few of us meet more regularly to stitch, laugh & debrief about whatever is happening in our lives. A cup of tea...a piece of cake...much cheaper than therapy! Here are some snippets of what we are up to!
An african inspired quilt following Lea's recent vacation...based on an original design by Ann Ferguson...
being attacked by my mini lion!
  A beautiful table runner...
 more gorgeous French General...this time inspired by blackbird designs.
We had about you!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bright skirts!

Even though winter is nipping at our heels, my daughter & I are both going to look warm & bright in our new skirts. I used to sew clothes a lot...but lost interest & now the sewing machine is pretty much just for patchwork. Fabrics for dressmaking became harder to get, it was easier to buy ready-made...time was may be the same. So today I spent some time constructing these two skirts...not quite finished, but I can see the chequered flag waving in the distance. A couple of posts ago I had the pattern for this skirt which I picked up at a quilt show... a few people asked about the designer. It is by an Australian designer, Polli's Folli aka Kim Pollington & it has been quite easy to construct, & sits quite nicely...A line panel...flattering to most of us. I only have an email address for her, not a website or a blog.
The second skirt is from an Anna Maria Horner pattern...Study Hall skirt. It has been really easy & looks great with the contrast box pleats...DD is most excited about it!
Do you do much dressmaking anymore?
Cardygirl xx

Friday, May 14, 2010

It had to happen...

...yes, it did! Working with the public has it's drawbacks, and germ exposure is a big one in my line of work! So, I have succumbed to a cold, trivial really, but I have felt really awful for the last few days, streaming eyes, etc...yuk! Just want to sleep...and I have tried to do just that. My heated throw has been very snuggly...and I have had no real interest in stitching....did a bit of cross stitch, then had to pull most of it undone as I was a thread out...important life rule: Thou shalt not stitch when your head feels like it is stuffed with cotton wool!!!
Started fiddling with these Kaffe Fassett prints...might play more over the weekend...DD says I won't be able to use the finished quilt in my room as it will keep me awake! I quite like it's vibrancy...what do you think?
Tissues have been my friends lately....these are too pretty to use...nice to carry for "show"...LOL!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day Love!

Happy Mothers Day to you all! Hope you have had a happy day with those you love & thinking of those who are special to you. We have had a quiet day here...lots of chatting & laughter...fresh scones...chicken & leek pie baking for tea. Oh...the house smells good.
DD has spread the Love...literally...and I helped her make this to hang above her desk...pretty! Nice to do things together...and pinch her pretty selvages...LOL!
Mum is an avid we spoilt her...deservedly...with books & gift vouchers.
This book looks like lots of fun!
I was lucky enough to get a beautiful book...
and a heated throw for stitching through those cold nights...seems like someone else fancies it too!
Hope you are enjoying your day!
Cardygirl xx

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Adding a bit of Zing!

The weather is definitely getting cooler...nice to sit in a sunny spot & stitch. My cross stitch is progressing nicely...just the borders to finish has been lovely & I do enjoy working with the overdyed threads.
What else has been happening? DS has succumbed to ? glandular fever, ?strep throat whilst away at uni. DH did a mercy dash yesterday to check on him...he seems to be we ever stop worrying about them? Mum is coming up for the weekend as it is Mothers Day here in Australia. It will be nice to see her.
Work continues to grow & place pressures on for me to take on another day...I need to assess the different workplaces & develop a plan so that they all function & compliment each other.
BUT, on to the fun stuff...
a little bit of shopping at the Quilt Show & in Newcastle...some gorgeous American Jane to make a funky winter piping...I am thinking black boots & it will give winter a bit of ZING!
DD has been keen for this cushion for some time...I think it will be nice in the Amy Butler!
A cookbook for DD...some yummy treats...mmmm!
My tree is only standing in her underwear...a good breeze & winter will be here!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Inspiration in the Upper Hunter

A busy weekend in the Upper Hunter. Denman held it's annual Food & Wine fair yesterday...lots of food & wine tasting plus jazz. There were steaming dishes of Paella, Sydney Rock oysters in the shell, wood fired pizza & noodles...lots of different tastes & even a BBQ school. it was a fun day as usual...big crowds & lots of opportunities to catch up with old friends.I hung around with this crew...wineglasses hanging around their necks!
Today we headed for Scone to the north where Scone High School were fundraising with a quilt show. Lots of lovely quilts on display...a few stalls...and an exceptionally good book stall run by the partner of one of the quilters...happy to hunt down new & used quilting books. Shrewd business man that he is has noted the market for good quilt books & is keen to help the local quilters! Maybe there will be a treat for me for Mothers Day???
Here are some pics from the show...
The next quilt was a foundation pieced miniature...very nice!
Made by my friend,Raelee!
Cardygirl xx