Fun in my fabric world....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kind treats

Thanks once more for your kind thoughts...I was back to one of my jobs today...I am fortunate to have fantastic colleagues in each of my was great to see them & also the experience the kindness of my clients. I arrived home after work to find this....

which held these!

Thanks Jackie of Canton Village Quiltworks for your speedy service.
You can see the fragrant lilliums that I was given at work very kind of them!
Thunder storms here this evening have made everything feel cool & fresh.
Mum is coming up for a few days from will be nice to have her here!
Cardygirl xx

Monday, January 25, 2010

Do you know how special you are? are ALL so very special to me...we might not know each other if we pass on the street...we might look different to how we imagine...we might have lives that are poles apart...we might be of any age or nationality...but you are all amazingly kind, caring women who share this snippet of my life without judgment or question. And you all rallied to send your sympathies over this last sad week. How lovely to know all of you...thankyou for the kind thoughts which have been a beacon to me.
Thankyou Donna, Maree, Joan, Deb K, Jeni, Steph, Anne Heidi, Tatiana, Lise, Fiona, Kylie, Sylvia, Liz, Chris, Kerri, Veena, Anita, Miriam, Peg, Julia, Deb, Robyn, Patricia, Peggy, Shiree, Janice, Shelly, Lurline, Jackie, Jeanette, Loulee, Julie, Christine, Cheryl, Suz, Clare, Chriss, Judith & Ann Marie...and all those that in so many ways have shared my grief.

And a special thanks to my Dad for teaching me to appreciate the special people we meet in life.
Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My Dad
Aged 80 years

 Dad's condition deteriorated on Monday evening & he slipped gently away near dawn on Tuesday morning. A peaceful death for a man who lived his life quietly & loved his family. I was able to spend some quiet time with was very special as he was the beloved Dad of old. It was an honour to be able to be there & share his final journey...but it is a loss we will always feel. Mum is doing well...thankyou all for is greatly appreciated.
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, January 17, 2010


A little bit of "fiddling" with these fabrics...I am thinking some new cushions for the family room...might look good on my dark blue lounge. Just distracting myself from the difficulties of dad remains very ill & seems to have lost his is hard to see him move away as he feels that his time has come...when he speaks he tells us to go away...this is a tough time & we feel so redundant. Many times in life we face difficulties...this is one of those will pass & we will gain strength from this journey.
Cardygirl xx

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Oh, I have had  a lovely day! Friends for lunch...dear Chookyblue & Fairygirl dropped by...a great treat! They were joined by my non blogging friend, Lea....there was lots of chat about the Girls day in the Country at Cottage on the Hill,Nundle coming up in March. The guest tutor will be Anni will be a fun weekend!

One of my friends is off to Africa tomorrow & didn't have her stitching organised (gasp!), so I traced off this stitchery for her this will help to fill in those quiet moments no doubt.

I have been trying to catch up with my Sue Ross BOM...applique medallion under control, but still need to stitch the previous block...but there was a certain someone running interference...hmmm!

I mad a yummy roasted beetroot, sweet potato, fetta & macadamia nut salad a few days ago...bought some more beetroot today...doesn't it look lovely!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My heart is amongst the fabric...

Nice to see all the post Christmas blog activity, lots of sewing & setting of goals...quite inspirational really!I am quite inspired by everyone, but feel a tad hesitant about committing to finishing a project a month or starting a big new project. There are a few things I would like to do & I feel inclined to slowly plod through this has been quite unwell, getting children organised with employment & starting uni...lots of distractions! My heart is amongst the fabric, but my head is full of family! My time will come no doubt.

This is one of the piles in my sewing room....a few thoughts of what I might do with it...some ricrac & plenty of the stripe...any suggestions???
Cardygirl xx

Friday, January 8, 2010

MIA...but safely back now!

I have been MIA for a few days...we had a violent electrical storm on Wednesday evening & our modem (my voicebox) was a casualty. After many phone calls & much fuss the modem has been replaced & our connection re-established. Lots of rain, thunder & lightning...the rain is still appreciated, but I can do without the rest! I also noticed that since the makeover my stat counter had has been reinserted today (I feel so clever!) & I am back to normal at last.

I have been enjoying the latest block from the Sue Ross BOM from MO...having a bit of a play around with it! Not too much else going on sewing wise...too much time in paid employment & when I am home everyone else is here as they are all on holidays...nicer to share the time with them. We saw "Avatar" yesterday which I really enjoyed.
Hope all is well at your place!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Peeks & peaks...

A little bit of stitching has been happening here...
not as much as I would like, but there seems to be so many other things going on here lately.
After a lot of rain, we have finally had a rain free day to catch up on some garden jobs.
This morning we spent time digging up & dividing plants...
not exactly fun but necessary & it all looks so much better.
Lawns mowed...even felt charitable & did the neighbours front as well...she was impressed!
Packed up all the Christmas decorations...sad...
funny how one of my non christmas pictures always seems to have gone missing
when I turn the house back to non Festive mode....weird!
Here is a peek at some sewing...

blocks from my Repro 9-patch swap going together...
hey cheeky Peg do you like it??????
Doing some needleturn too...need to set some goals I think!
Hope everyone is having a pleasant New Year...
thinking of the country NSW girls...especially Chookyblue....
rivers are peaking up her way tonight...
stay safe!
Cardygirl xx

Friday, January 1, 2010

Blogging blankly!

I have always admired all of those pretty blogs out there...
but I am not overly techno savvy ( my family often find me VERY amusing!).
I love the way bloggers refresh their look, add things....sigh.
Cardygirl felt veeeeeery boring in comparison.
(I am not that keen on music though!)
So, for Christmas I was given the book "Blogging for Bliss" by Tara Frey.
Great book, heaps of ideas...quite scary really!
Well this afternoon,with DD's confident help, I have waded in...
lost my footing on a blogbank a couple of times...almost lost in the swirling watersof blogworld...
LOL...and I have titivated my boring old blog...
what do you think?
I am having trouble with the header...need to glamorize it a bit...
do I need to do this in picassa...I am going under again!
Any helpful suggestions welcome!
Addit: A short time later...
How does the new header look?????
Cardygirl xx