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Sunday, June 22, 2014

A stitch here, a stitch there...

A stitch here, a stitch there, slowly some progress is made on my current projects.
Last weekend I was fortunate to spend some time with friends including the always clever Marg and delightful Jean.

Some progress has been made on my vase of flowers, elements are still changing, but I am finding a place I am happy with. It really is a great leap of faith to create this way. No pattern, just a starting point and the ability to find the confidence to make my own choices and make something that is a reflection of me at this time in my life.

It would be lovely if someone could look at this quilt ( see, I am actually planning a finish at some stage!) and "see" me.....hopefully they will not think I needed medicating at this time!

My recent foray into the world of clamshells has resulted in my DD requesting a queen sized clamshell quilt...eek! At present I am going to do a bit of a prototype block, make sure my technique is right before I attempt the Giant Clam!

She has requested blues, greys, whites. I have never been a big blue fan, so I am looking forward to stretching my boundaries with this. There are going to be a lot of six inch are some, there will end up being every shade imaginable!

What colour do you find you avoid?
Cardygirl xx

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

By special request!

For the last few days I have been hearing from my DH..."Put on a post".
Well, never wanting to disappoint him, here I go.
Last weekend I headed off with some stitching friends to beautiful Camyr Allyn in the Hunter Valley for a weekend of chatting and stitching. 
This weekend was long planned, and sadly clashed with Chookyblue's Shedversary...but I was in the Chookshed in spirit.
My companions included Janette, Trish, Olga, Cathie, Cristie, Di, Chris and Debbie. We did have a lovely time...our weekend was hosted by Janet in her beautiful old home...our meals are cooked and all we have to do is enjoy ourselves...tough, but we managed! Janette has posted some pics, I was a bit naughty and didn't take many pics...oops!
A challenge was set last year with teeny tiny hexies...and MOST participated. It is great to see what everyone came up with! 
Cristie made us all a little framed hexie flower...mine is the sweet green one!
And Cathie stunned us all with this mini quilt...her hubby even made it a little stand. Clever pair!
 Some time was spent with my TAW project...hand stitching is easiest at present.
I plugged away on my projects from the MSG workshop I attended earlier in the year. Some progress has been made...I am enjoying my slow progress.
I even made a "jelly" snake! Well, it looks like one!
And I just had to share my PJ pants...perfect for a sewing retreat!
After that, it turned into birthday week in Cardy-land.
Our sweet DD celebrated first, with a crocheted rug from her dear Nan...and I was a bit fearful that she had thoughts of pilfering one of my clamshell cushions!
And then today DH has his special day...
not with us today, but a belated celebration will soon occur!
Cardygirl xx