Fun in my fabric world....

Monday, November 30, 2009's SSCS swap time!

A long day at work was made wonderful when I arrived home to find my SSCS present had arrived!

Oh, thankyou Cheryl of Polka Dots & Rick is so exciting!
Sorry about the outfit...I did say straight after work!

This is my gorgeous snowman ornament....sort of like sparkly marshmallow!

I have to wait to open the rest!
Thankyou Cheryl for your generosity & thankyou Chookyblue for organising the swap!
I hope my gift finds it's home soon!
Cardygirl xx

Christmas finishes...

The heat & dust continues to make life a little challenging here.
An incident on the rideon lawnmower involving a slope, hedge & loss of a tyre
helped to keep my weekend interesting!
Fortunately DD is home from uni...she keeps life fun!
You will be pleased to know that DS survived his "Schoolies" week away....
a cut foot was his biggest complaint!
I can sleep again.
DD & I are making a toga for her to wear to a party next week...
pretty basic but she is happy with it.
I made her Christmas stitchery into a hanging...looks great!

This little cross stitch turned into a hanging.

The naive angel was finished too...the kids think she looks a little evil. ?

Working away on my 9 patch block is looking good.
Hope  you are getting all of your christmas tasks done...
decorating is next!
Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pink chocolate

Imagine this...3 hrs of highway driving...30minutes of waiting room sitting...
for 2minutes  in the dentist's chair to get my stitches out!
Time to daydream in the waiting room about quilts...PRICELESS!

I am keen to put the 9patch swap blocks together...
one cheeky blogger  is sneakily trying to find out what setting I am using...LOL..
so after lots of research I have decided on a layout...will let you know how it goes!
Here's a teaser...
it is called Pink Chocolate...mmmmm!
Did you see on Cathy's blog about the seasalt chocolate...
sounds like it would be woth a try!
I was in the interminable queue at Spotlight today...buying fabric for a toga costume for DD!
The delightful lady ahead of me had this pretty voile...

I thought it would be great for PJ pants or a wrap skirt...pretty!
Cooler here now...low 30's...nicer to sleep at night!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another stinking hot day!

It is 9am, the wind is HOT & blustery!
It is already 35C & the winds are gusty northerlies & you can smell the smoke in the air.
I hope everyone stays safe & the firefighters day is not too terrible.
There are apparently fires out near Kandos & Rylstone...that might be where the smoke is coming from.

This is the bush behind our home.
I get quite paranoid about it on days like this. We are very particular about keeping it mowed out behind the fence & keeping our yard neat & free of rubbish. Sadly our neighbours are not so dead mowers, boats & car bodies...& long grass! Nice people though!

On a brighter note...
I have had this Liberty Star pattern looking at me for some time now...
she just needs a face & Noel to be appliqued on her skirt...cute!

I love the Flea Market fancy fabrics...oh so hard to I entered the giveaway...sorry for the button but I would really like this!
Cardygirl xx

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Too hot to blog!

Too hot to blog...>43C...horrible hot wind.

Wish I could rest here too!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shared madness!

I felt a bit like "that crazy lady who makes all those coathangers"!
Living on the fringes of polite society...whispered about...the butt of blogging jokes...
living alone in a garrett with her cat & her Bernina...sneaking out to Big W to buy more of the wretched hangers to cover!
today my dear friend Lea came over...with her coathangers!
I am not alone..this madness is shared...she is having fun too!
And don't they look pretty?

Just so you know that I will return to normal soon, here is a sneaky peek at my gift for the SSCS...
very soon it will be winging it's way to.....NOT TELLING!

And I have been playing with some other fun fabric ideas.

Hope all is well withyou!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

C-C-Crazy for Coathangers!

I have gone totally nuts for covered coathangers...
matching fabrics & needleturning little collars...I am having a ball!
Nearly everyone on my Christmas list will be getting warned!
I was even stitching one whilst waiting to see the dentist...
surprisingly he was keen to see what it was & then remarked how he likes covered coathangers for his suits!
I love them myself...hope they love them at Christmas!

More under construction!
Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I surprised myself!

I have had a long aversion to glue & paint.
Put a brush in my hand & I am hopelessly uncoordinated,
there is glue & paint absolutely EVERYWHERE!
Not a good thing...I avoid it at all costs.
So, when Blackbird designs had a tuorial for covering a fabric box I was surprised when I felt tempted.
I picked up some boxes for $1 each, glue & the dreaded brush.
Fabric from the we go!

Twenty minutes, minimal mess, so easy to do...
I surprised myself!
DD's latest sampler was copied for the paper lining...
I am pretty pleased with it...glue & all.
Try was fun!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pretty presents

With paid work seeming to absorb more & more of my time, stitching seems to have taken a back seat...sadly!
But I have been endeavouring this week to finish some Christmas gifts...
only a few more things to do & it is pretty organised.
I have been having fun making the Dressy Hangers from Marg's pattern...

looking a bit formal

lots of fun fabrics to coordinate with the recipients personality!
SSCS present ready to go...not long now till posting!
DD is heading into final exams...a bit nervous but looking forward to a future outside of uni...
here is her completed "stress reliever"!

DS is finished with friends this week.

Like Marls, I weakened at the sight of the quilt along with Kellie & will try to participate...
I am happy to do a cushion cover though!
Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sweet distraction!

Hope everyone had a fun Melbourne Cup day yesterday.
I didn't even have a bet or go in a sweep...not at work so cup wise life was pretty quiet.
Instead I had a dental implant...nice that it is over & I am now in the home stretch (dentally speaking!).
A bit uncomfortable but it will improve!
So, to cheer me up, my non blogging friend Lea came over & we played with fabric.
We are both doing Christine's 9patch swap & we figured we will need more than 72 blocks, so we have pooled our repro stashes & are making more blocks!
It is gorgeous to see the fabrics spread all over the floor.

They were very interesting apparently!
We are cutting two of each colour combination, so I think we each now have about 18 extra blocks...
we are really looking forward to seeing ours & the swap ones together.

Cardygirl xx

Monday, November 2, 2009

Finally some finishes!

Finally some finishes...a trip to the Post Office during lunch tomorrow...
nine patch swap blocks off to Christine & some fat 1/4s on their way to a birthday girl!

A "Dressy Hanger" complete too...really cute...
itching to make more!

Back to the dreaded dentist ( he is actually very nice) this week for the implant....
I hope to be looking good!

Cardygirl xx