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Sunday, January 18, 2015

January. A Reflection.

This morning I realised that next weekend is the Australia Day long weekend.
That meant a few different things to me.
Firstly, is it really only eleven months until Christmas?
Secondly, that is great as then I get a long weekend...woohoo! Now that I am once again working full time that is VERY important to me!
Thirdly, I have not blogged THIS year....oops!

In a brief summary, we returned from our Barossa expedition just before the terrible heat and fires around Adelaide. Whilst we were glad to be getting out in the nick of time, it was sad to leave dear Loz, and we were worried about her melting without us.
We had the best time with Loz. Whilst we were busy giving her pseudo TripAdvisor ratings for food, accommodation, tour narration...we had a lovely few days seeing her corner of the world. She was miles better than any tour leader I have had before, not even yelling at me once for spoiling her holiday by wanting to clamber through another old graveyard. That was a blessing!
Returning home I found that time had been sneaky and I was needed back at work. Blah!
I have returned to my former position but this time with permanency and far too many hours. I am hopeful of cutting back at some stage, but it is okay for the moment. I am enjoying working with a fabulous team and fun/interesting client group. Sadly I have now realised I am the oldest person in my workplace, so they have removed all sharp implements from my desk and enforced the wearing of my name tag in case I wander off. I feel a bit like an aging Paddington Bear...damn,  even my face gets fuzzy!
But it has left minimal time to stitch, and I am fretting a little about that. I cannot seem to focus for long as I am thinking of all the other things I need to do. Sounds familiar?
But I found time to make a large cushion for his specifications.
And I am smitten with the Smitten Quilt by Lucy Kingwell. I am using my stash (it is feeling a bit loaves and fishes at present....undiminished!), and loving my blocks.
I love hand piecing, I am not using papers.
I am trying to keep a sense of serenity in them...
 As I tend to verge on loud....can you believe that?
There are lots of blocks to make, so it will slowly progress...too many other projects needing attention.
This week also saw our DD and her husband move to Wagga Wagga, as he takes up a position there. They are very excited, she looks to have work too, and they will only be six hours away for visits. Sad that they won't be physically in our daily lives, but we are so excited to see them loving their shared journey.
I will leave you with a pic I love from the wedding day. I am still worried that I looked a bit like scary spice, but I love the colours!
Hope all is well wherever you may be!

Cardygirl xx