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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just in the nick of time!

Blogging has taken a back seat to so many things...after the inspiration of Nundle I have had little time to spend on my creative pursuits. Such is a busy life! Family, study & the ever present demands of work have left little time to more progress on my TTS stitchalong blocks, a little progress on the Jenny Bean Halloween Sampler, some trousers hemmed, and late today I finished the Le Petite project for this month...
Endless Summer...mine in Lakehouse from the stash with a Moda little bird print for the background. Summer is coming to a close here, so this is a happy reminder of lovely summer days!
Here is a peep at Jenny Bean too...I am loving the 40ct flax linen!
 Cardygirl xx

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The last of GDITC 2011

As you can see from all the blogs, we had a marvellous time....and are counting down the sleeps until next year. Some of us made swap gifts from Anni's designs...
I made a tissue packet cover from my favourite Flower Sugar fabrics...
and I was fortunate enough to receive this fabulous needlebook made by Pauline from Calico Crossroads...all the way from Tasmania! I love it...gorgeous fabrics & beautifully stitched...I will treasure it Pauline!
Here are Saturday's swap gifts all in one place!
  Not a swap gift, but made by dear Bronwyn for my birthday...holds my special scissors!
 Oh well, back to reality...miss the fun, but look forward to next year!
Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GDITC...more fun & friendship!

As you can see from all the happy posts, it really is a great weekend!
It is the fourth year that Kerry has hosted the GDITC & every year is fabulous.
Kerry and Anni...
true friendship....helping with binding...
  Dinner at Mt Misery on Friday night...lots of happy faces!
  Stitching & catching up before dinner! Is that a swap present under construction I see?
 A gathering after the big day!
 Solving the problems of the world...or working out how to hang the quilts!
 A recovery breakfast before our journey's began...
 Guess who?
Lea & Bronwyn

Anita, Julie, Dale, Lea & Bronwyn
 More pics tomorrow...lovely Nundle!
Cardygirl xx

Monday, March 21, 2011

GDITC 2011

Well, after all the excitement, all the preparation and all the emails, GDITC is over for another year!
Thanks to the super organised Kerry from The Cottage on the Hill and her band of fabulous helpers it all went off beautifully, and we can only dream of next year!
The amazingly talented Anni Downs was our tutor and we were blessed with her sweet calmness guiding us through the day. She is a great teacher and the nicest was great getting to know her...and hopefully we haven't scared her off! It was nice to share our creations with her and be inspired by what she is designing.
What is wonderful about this weekend is seeing the bloggers...old and new...carrying on conversations started last year...catching up on news. I love you girls and miss you all...the laughter, the jokes, the shared interests and best of all hearing that voice singing out in the darkness..."Hey Cardy...can you be quiet!" Oh, it felt like school camp all over again! No scary teachers this time, just a motherly Chook!
Here is the first project....
I am fiddling with mine (so what else is new?)...
new patterns to covet...
Then there were completed Gardeners Journal quilts...
and their proud owners!
Miss you girls....counting the days till GDITC 2012!
So many more pics...will post them soon!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brigitte and beyond.

Tuesday was spent in the company of a pleasant group of ladies & Brigitte Giblin at Southern Cross needlework. I never seem to do much stitching but come home SO inspired. Brigitte shares so much inspiration & it is lovely to see what everyone is working on.
A new quilt of Brigitte's...
some beautiful  hexagon framed diamonds...
Brigitte's original quilt...
Then on Saturday we went to Armidale to visit DS for his birthday...
a teenager no more!
A wild and wet trip home...
over the ranges...
Rainbows pointing the way to ....

NUNDLE! One week and we will be there for GDITC 2011!
...looking forward to catching up with old friends and maybe meeting some new ones!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting ready for Brigitte.

This week I will be returning to my class with Brigitte Giblin. Always inspiring, I am keen to see what she has been working on lately.  I had hoped to have my project from the last class finished, know how it is! I have the top together but just need to work on the central applique & the paper pieced stars around the border. I "fiddled" with Brigitte's original concept & have worked with 1930's fabrics, and I am quite pleased with how it has developed. I hope Brigitte likes it!
 The blocks for the first three stitcheries with the Stitchalong group are assembled, traced & stitching commenced. My fabrics are a bit bright but I hope they will add some festive fun.
Cardygirl xx

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quiet Evenings

Blackbird Designs- Summer Basket
30ct 2over2 Gentle Arts & WDW
With little time spent in my sewing room of late, I have enjoyed stitching in the family room & chatting of an evening. I am enjoying some cross stitch, starting some new & finishing that Blackbird Designs sampler that has been hanging around. It is lovely to have it finished & now a visit to the framer will be in order.
I have been stitching away on this pear..
 With Thy Needle & Thread- Partridge in a Pear Tree
32 ct Flax 1 over 2, DMC threads
And the Jenny Bean Halloween Sampler from Shakespeares Peddlar arrived in the mail. It will be stitched on 40ct Flax with these gorgeous Sampler Threads. Several people have completed it in blogland, and I just adore it's quirkiness. I will add a label that I stitched it in my 50th year...I suppose it will be a half century sampler as opposed to all those birth samplers we stitch! I sometimes wonder why I am attracted to these fine glasses are going to be Magoo-like before too much longer & I spend hours day dreaming about magnifiers. My optometrist gets a big smile every time I walk in!
The kindness of your comments on my previous post was so supportive. We have had a challenging few weeks here, hopefully life will soon settle a bit. 
Cardygirl xx