Fun in my fabric world....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I hate binding quilts...happily machine stitch it on, but when it comes to hand stitching it over I am a dreadful procrastinator. They can sit there for months, even longer, all the time being used & going fuzzy! Shameful! If I do it straight away I am fine, but once I put it aside it is liable to sit for a looooong time. In the hope of finishing the binding on this monster (waiting for 6 mths), I will name & shame myself into completion. Here it is!

Today I helped a friend cut out a cute quilt out of cowboy fabric. Fun.

Also got these cute headbands from Michelle for my daughter. She is doing some great crochet work. Thanks Michelle, they are perfect!

Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GDITC update

I have been enjoying applique-ing my Nundle wallhanging. It is really sweet...added the ricrac & loooots of french knots, but I like the finish of it. I am really keen to get onto the embroidery as I love embroidery of all types. I can sit outside & do it or with the family, but I find I relax well with hand work. Embroidery has been a passion since I did long stints of night duty more than 25 years ago. I love the way I can combine patchwork & embroidery to make beautiful things for my home, friends & family.

A peek at a new project.

Sadly today I spoke to a friend, hard to believe we have been friends for 30 years, who is having a tumour removed from her heart next Monday. Fit & healthy, this has been a distressing shock for her family & those who love her. The prognosis is good, but it reinforces the unpredictable course of our lives & the importance of loving each other & appreciating each day. Love you Shell!

Cardygirl xx

Monday, April 27, 2009


Busy with lawns & weeding...nice to daydream.

I love when the leaves start to turn & the wind helps the leaves swirl to the ground.

I like to see the change of seasons.

A friend gave me this wonderful has a wonderful message for any age.

Read it if you can.

Cardygirl xx

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boring sewing & necessary evils.

It was a cool & very windy day today...not nice to be outdoors at all. So, much to the horror of the males in my home, I decided that "tidying up" was to be the order of the day! It was hard & it was boring but it needed to be done. Why do teenage sons marvel at the number of socks under their beds?But now there are beautifully tidy bedrooms, "stuff" put away PROPERLY & a sense of order once more.

The sewing room needed order to be returned...the pile of mending (boring!) is done (why does it take 8 months and 1 hour to do that mending...hehe)...fabric is sorted...shelves are dusted...and the floor is now thread free.

Why do we put these things off, but then so enjoy the finished result?I am now ready to attack the fun things with renewed vigour!

Cardygirl xx

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anzac Day

Anzac Day is a day to remember & acknowledge those who have helped to keep us safe in times of war... and there never seems to be a time without war. I watched the young men marching this morning & I prayed that they will be safe.

My dad served in the Royal Australian Navy...he was in the Korean War, and spent time in Japan and New Guinea. Whilst serving he sailed around the world to be a part of the fleet present for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and also was witness to the atomic blast on the Montebello Islands in 1956. He will be 80 later this year.
My husband's grandfather served at Gallipoli & Egypt. He lived till the grand age of 95.
He didn't like to talk of the war.

Dad has never marched with his medals, but was proud to see both my children march for him. Lewis wore his Pop's medals when he marched this morning.

I am very proud of the men in my family, young & old.

Lest we forget.

Cardygirl xx

Friday, April 24, 2009

Doll inspiration

Did you have a Barbie? I had a Sindy & a PJ (Ithink she was a friend of Barbie)...I was never really much of a dolly girl really...had a couple of favourites I but wasn't doll mad! But it was lovely to find this set of doll clothing embellishments recently...we have moved so many times that I am amazed they are still around!

They brought back memories of dolls kept in little suitcases with their clothes & taken to friends places to play. Dad even made me a little white painted wardrobe for my room.

Now I am using some of these treasures to embellish my dolls dress quilt & enjoying making dresses that remind me of long-gone grandmothers, ladies that worked in chocolate shops & my mother when she was young & stylish.
I have started work on a similar project with my boys in mind... it is a little bit harder but fun once you get going.
Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't you just love your Mum?

I do!
Had a visit to my parents today to just chat & have lunch...Mum had edged a tea towel for me...aren't these ladies just divine! All shapes & sizes but beautiful just the same...they are all shaped like delicious fruit. Me...well I am a bit of a pear I suppose...hehe. I love the tea towels Mum does for me with fabric, knitted or crocheted edges...I am very lucky.

On the way home DH dropped me at a fabric shop whilst he had a "good" cup of coffee!
Thank goodness for his coffee addiction!

Bought these pieces...some for my retro/30's collection & perhaps some for the Birthday fat 1/4 swap girls.

It was worth the 4 hr round trip to have such a nice day!

Cardygirl xx

Monday, April 20, 2009


What have I done today...

a bit of this...

and a bit of that...

but I feel like I am remotivated & achieving something.

Cardygirl xx


The Royal Sisters have some really lovely crocheted headbands on their blog. My DD thought they were great- nice & fun! She would like a couple to help control her lovely curls.
Have a look.

Cardygirl xx

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Fun Day at Aberdeen...

Friends of mine, Michelle & Tracy, own a patchwork shop in Scone, NSW, Scrap'n'Patch. Today they were supposed to be doing a stall at the Aberdeen Markets who were having a small quilt show. For the uninitiated, Aberdeen is a small town in the Hunter Valley of NSW, and the local community is very keen to stimulate their town with community events. Anyway, Michelle was unable to go so I helped Tracy for the's hard but someone has to go & help poor Tracy with all that lovely fabric! LOL!

We had a lovely day with lots of people visiting us...really busy at times...we almost got lost in the crowd at one stage...but a good time was had by all...especially me!
Cardygirl xx

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Will any blue do???

You know how it is...I just need a blue, spot or stripe...just blue. I searched high & low, not just ANY blue will do...too yellow...too green...too pastel...too bright...too grey...too dirty...aargh! With the amount of fabric lurking in this house you would think there would be something that would "do".Even DH was roped into giving advice...I could see the sweat beading on his forehead...he was scared he would say the wrong thing and domestic war would erupt!

Finally, after extensive excavations into the bottom of long lost baskets I found a blue & white stripe that might "do". Shall play with it tonight...I will let you know how it goes!
Cardygirl xx

Friday, April 17, 2009

To Nundle & beyond...

Fortune favoured me today...a trip north that easily accommodated a visit to Kerry's delightful Cottage on the Hill at lovely! It is always great to see Kerry & her gorgeous shop...yep...had to buy some much choice...I bought some borders for Leanne's wall quilt from the GDITC. Nice to be getting the projects done...they were all so pretty...can't wait for next year!

Also found some bobble edging...I had used all mine up & wanted more...had been making these bags from a free pattern on Cinderberry Stitches blog...they are really cute, quick & easy...great gifts!

I think Chicken & Corn soup for dinner, pyjamas & stitching sound like the plan for tonight!

Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cleaning & cross stitch

Back to reality today...those household chores that never go away...I do love to see sheets flapping on the clothesline though...and they smell so good! Tidying up the numerous pashminas & scarves...they look pretty...makes housework a bit more enjoyable!

Darling daughter headed back to uni today...working an extra clinic day during the holidays...the house is quiet without her & her happy noise! She managed to finish her little sampler before she left...and is ready for the next one.

Hope your day went well...maybe time for stitching tonight...

Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Itchin' for stitchin'...

Feeling refreshed after a lovely Easter break I headed for the sewing room...fingers itching...hello dear sewing machine...bliss!

It was time to construct Rosalie's pretty sewing bag from GDITC at Nundle. I was really happy with the stitchery...I like to use a variety of stitches to give texture & interest...also added a whimsical touch or two to make it my "own". My mum had been given some old ric-racs which she passed on to me, so some green was added at the base for a fun touch.

Toot,'s the parcel delivery with a "squishie" for me!!!!! I love those squishie parcels that I get in the mail...the excitement of new fabric arriving...isn't it lovely? This scrumptious treat came from the lovely girls at Provincial Patch...thanks...I love it. I have some plans for it...but for the moment it is just nice to admire & dream!

A trip out for coffee with my DH & darling daughter made the day a real treat...the usual nasties (aka ironing, washing & housecleaning) are waiting for my undivided attention from tomorrow...oh well today was lovely!

Cardygirl xx

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!


I hope everyone has a lovely day.

Cardygirl xx

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A peaceful time...

The peacefulness of the Easter period is a lovely thing...time to sit & each others company...a visit from a dear pressure ( at least at our home) to be rushing about. Our daughter is home for a few days, our son recovering well...a few tasks to be done at home, but nothing too pressing. It is a good time to sit with DH on our back deck, discuss whether the clouds look like rain or not and have a cup of tea. Nice if life was always as relaxed as this!

Our daughter began cross stitching recently...thought it might help when she needs some down time from her heavy uni load. She is enjoying creating samplers...they look great...she is finding they are a good way to relax. I think that I love the way I "zone" out when I am doing my hand work, be it applique, embroidery or cross stitch. Stitching most days definitely helps to keep me a nicer person to live with. Blackbird Designs recently talked of the way stitching helps to relieve stress, bringing calmness & quiet to our lives...I would have to agree!

I hope that your Easter is a happy one, that you are enjoying a relaxing & reflective time...

Cardygirl xx

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A red day...

An early start today, off to Newcastle for my son's wisdom teeth extraction...poor thing! He is a red head- he was the first red thing for the day. He is now snuggled up on the lounge with a very sooky cat for company...a couple of days & he will be on the mend

What do you do when you are sitting waiting? Stitch the projects from GDITC at Nundle...nice to get them done as it really is a great day& the projects are so lovely! The stitching is the second red thing...

And thirdly, I received the most gorgeous red mixer!!!!!!!!! My old mixer literally blew itself up a while back & my dear family replaced it with this! ( I think they have ulterior motives...they were also looking at recipe books...)
I hope everyone has a safe & happy Easter
Cardygirl xx

Monday, April 6, 2009

One bunny, two bunny...more bunnies!

Getting ready for Easter...good intentions to make Easter bags...I have done another four & won't be doing any more! Though they do look cute & I am sure their recipients will like them- especially when they are filled with treats.

Also finished a Leanne Beasley bag in Aviary & linen- really pretty & a great size for toting all that sewing paraphernalia!

Cardygirl xx

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Danger Will Robinson...

It is lovely to know that no matter how big, hairy or smelly your baby boy becomes, he will still be thrilled when you bring home fabric just for him (or the little boy you remember him to be!)...yes, I am still playing with the robot fabric...have added some complimentary fabrics & will be heading off to the fabric shop on Tuesday for some black...he wants a lounge sized quilt to snuggle they ever grow up? Not that I really want him to! Am playing with some fairly plain settings but any suggestions are welcome...

DH & I had a busy morning readying the garden for autumn...I love this time of year...thank goodness daylight savings is finished- I don't like it at all & every year it seems to get longer & longer. Our garden is looking pretty...lifted & divided the iris'...pruned & weeded...probably will find it hard to walk's hard work!

The garden must look good as we had someone staring through the fence at our juicy grass with a wistful expression!

Cardygirl xx

Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy, busy...

Busy, busy...where has the week gone? Good intentions for more frequent posts seem to fly out the window. But in between helping out at a friends patchwork shop ('s hard but someone has to do, cleaning the house (now who could envy that!) and taking my son down to see the surgeon in Newcastle about having his wisdom teeth removed next week (poor thing!), there has not been too many spare moments to blog! Nevertheless, I have tried to keep up with my stitching... hope to finish a couple of things over the next few days, so I will post them as they are done.
It has been very impressive to see the GDITC projects appearing as they are completed...chookyblue and farmyard crafts are sewing up a storm...and their projects look fabulous. It is lovely to see how we all start with the same project, but then we make them our own.

Hope the rain this week was shared by those who needed it most... we had 90mm this week...beautiful for my garden...wonderful for the farmers. Sadly it seems to be feast or famine, and while we are pleased with the rain others are fleeing their homes due to flooding.

The local birdlife could be seen sheltering on my back verandah clothesline as well as these bedraggled rosellas on the fence- at one stage there were 12 of them and a couple of kookaburras.

keep stitching...

Cardygirl xx