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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A promise of quilt-making joy!

Have you seen this?
Kathy from Material Obsession has released her latest book through Quiltmania. 
It popped into my letterbox early this week...and it is stunning. Beautifully written and the photography is amazing (pics by her very talented husband!). It is VERY inspiring....just had my head spinning with ideas...lots of colour talk and just plain wonderful . My favourites are Kaffe Fanfare, Fractured, Turkish Crush, Red Centre, Chance, Sunburst, Fireworks, Pickle Dishes, hidden Woman, Wagga, Greenfields and Garden Party. Oh, but that does not mention all the others that I love too!
Kathy has filled me with inspiration...I just want to create!!!!!
If you love Kathy's style or want a beautiful, inspirational book....get this one as it is lovely!
A good distraction from this...
no colour here yet...oops, and no walls either!
 Cardygirl XX 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This week

With assignments complete, I need to plunge headlong into all the jobs needing attention. we are hoping to put the house on the market in the next few weeks so there needs to be a little more sprucing up done!
Mothers Day saw my darling Eleanore with her Robert home for the weekend...she has not been here since February and I do miss her, but that is life and it is lovely to see her and know she is always there for me. We didn't do anything interesting...cleaned up some of her stuff and just chatted...nice times.
I also quilted and BOUND this Schnibbles quilt for her to give as a gift to a friends newborn son...cute!
But, the main thing that is happening is the MAJOR tidy and decrap I mean declutter of the sewing room. SOOOO much stuff it is unbelievable the treasures I am unearthing...sort of like an archaeological site! Laces, ribbons and buttons from my Mum, and even some from her friends and goodness knows who else!
and during.
  You will have to wait to see the after pics!
 Some major sorting happening (obviously well overdue too) and I am feeling some sense of relief as this mess is finally tackled! A couple more days and I will be under control (I hope!!!).
I will leave you with some pics...
my autumn garden...
cat on a lead...
a happy dog!
Some mail I will be back soon!
Cardygirl XX

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What was on our laps.

Tuesday evenings I meet with a couple of friends to stitch. 
Back in 1991 when I moved to this country town I met another young mum at the baby health clinic and she invited me along to her stitching group. Group members have changed over the years as people moved away or became busy with family commitments. We have had lots of stitchers or just a few. No pressure, no competition...just an evening out to chat, debrief, share, be inspired or simply stitch.  This is where I have met a lot of my friends including Lea...long time stitching buddy and friend. She is like me...we stitch, smock, embroider and cross stitch...whatever takes our fancy at the time. At present there are just four of us...a couple more who are busy raising teenagers only come occasionally (and are very missed!)...but it is great to just catch up. Recently Lea and I went to Del's daughter's wedding...other guests would ask us our connection to the family...on explanation they all knew who we were..."oh, you are the sewing girls!" Funny the bond that sewing has given us...and even an identity.
So (sorry to rave on) that brings me to last Tuesday...a cool clear evening as we headed off to stitch. I was framing some circle game circles and I looked up to see Lea binding her Lollipop trees...lovely to see all this lovely colour on our laps! Had to take a pic and share it!
 And here is a quilt Lea has been working on...just discussing borders. She has a character filled (read just a little bit naughty dog...who is also very lovable fortunately) who decided to gnaw out one of the centre cream squares as it lay on the floor...who would believe it? Lea had to unpick it and reinsert another. I think that is the worst sewing/pet thing I have seen...what about you?
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, May 6, 2012

More circles!

As the assignment has been submitted, I felt there was an opportunity to do a bit of sewing.
Better than therapy, a bit of stitching time helps to clear befuddled brains. I am nearly to the end of my circle game blocks...they have been fun and I have remembered how peaceful hand piecing is...just love it! One more block to come and then it will be time to start assembling them. There is a month break before second semester begins...lots to do in that time, but at least there will be no study deadlines hanging over my head.
Here are my last three blocks...
some still need framing...
but they are fun!
Here are the blocks so far!
The house renos have started...tiles are is next.
Just a taste!
 Cardygirl xx