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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Excuses Part Four

Yup...I am still at it!
Maybe I need some sort of counselling...there definitely is an issue around me and the "B" word...maybe it is a deep seated anxiety related to those primary school sewing classes and the super cranky and stifling teacher we had...or the trauma of High School sewing classes where I had to make a lawn "angel suit"...that caused me a great deal of angst...bias binding still gives me palpitations...hmmm...I think I am about to have a pivotal insight moment! Blog-therapy perhaps?
Despite all the procrastinating and wailing, there has been some activity here...
bibs for the darling twin boys newly arrived for my very sweet neighbours...
and a lovely stack of blues...
work on binding...
I definitely had some time as there was no cooking going on!
A fence being painted...
and a technically tricky BOM block nearly done...
all this achieved despite some stubborn obstacles!
The binding should be revealed verrrry soon!
Cardygirl xx

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Excuses Part Three

Well, sort of.
I have actually started to bind.
Yes, really!
And it was okay...I have done one side, and turned a corner in more ways than one...hehe!
But, I was distracted by a few things happening...
more work decisions ...
and the cabinet makers who made our kitchen,
and laundry cupboards,
and bathroom,
and ensuite,
are coming to take photos tomorrow.
EEEEK! I have cleaned and polished so it is all shiny bright.
Maybe I might bind tomorrow night????
 Cardygirl xx

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Excuses Part Two.

It is still not bound.
I have good intentions.
I say I am going to start it...a lot.
I have even had it sitting on my lap, needle poised.
I got distracted by
 and Bernadette.
Too many pretty things.
And I have to bind. 
Okay, I will start tonight...
Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Excuses Part One.

I have an aversion to it.
Long story.
But this week I thought that I would commence binding my Soul Searching quilt.
Note I said commence not complete.
I adore this quilt and the journey that I had making it. Just love it, really odd that I love it that much, but I do.
So, the binding was made....

And stitched on...

But I couldn't finish it because...

The cat sat on it!
Cardygirl xx
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Friday, July 12, 2013

A week of random-ness...

A random sort of week...last weekend's sewing left my head in a much better place to start the working week. It was great reading the comments and thinking how we all struggle with lots we have to do, and lots we want to do. It is very liberating to just let go of the pressure we put on ourselves.
I have had a lovely week! My colleagues have had some concerns though when they found me snapping pics on my way to work early Monday morning...
but this path was worthy of a pic...
and I adore this old sign.
I have caught up with friends, one I have known since I was eleven, and one that has broken her wing (naturally it is her dominant wrist), had TWO sewing nights out with lovely sewing friends...thanks ladies I did have fun! So it was a good week.
And here is the progress on my amitie would have progressed much further, but I had a bad dose of "Sewer's Mush-brain" and kept sewing seams, then having to unpick them...a good sleep seemed to help!
Hope you have had a good week too!
Cardygirl xx

Monday, July 8, 2013

The acceptance of limitations...

I am feeling quite philosophical at present...
 I have bleated on about life and it's busy-ness for faaaar too long (sorry about that!), so I have decided that to regain control I need to prioritise demands so that life is not a blur anymore! This past weekend there were no visitors, no grand plans and nothing super urgent that had to be done. There were things that would be nice to achieve, but it wasn't an issue if they weren't. So, I did groceries...washed sheets and towels...walked the dog (twice)...cleaned bathrooms...swept paths...caught up with friends, and then did some sewing prep!
Funnily, I had an email from someone wondering what sewing was going on here. Rude?
Well, now I can show...
scarf progression (despite appearances my clever cat has NOT learnt to sew)...
gorgeous felts...
fun threads...
fabric from MO cut and waiting to become a sewing folder...
someone's belated birthday present to match her new kitchen...
That does feel better!
So, the new plan is to not HAVE to do everything...create opportunity for quiet time...and enjoy it!
Relax and enjoy the sewing time I make!
How do you manage busy lives and still create?
Cardygirl xx

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Nothing to say...

just fabric to share....
Cardygirl xxx