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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do you have any UPO's?

Interestingly, there is a flurry of activity around Blogland at the moment...groups to motivate us to finish (or even start) a project that has been snuggled in the dark recesses of our craft-brain.
Peg & Chooky are motivating us to finish our Gardeners Journal quilts... Shiree, Lyn & Melanie are encouraging us to do A Christmas Story...Peg wants us to do OPAM!
So, what is a UPO??????
An Unstarted Purchased Object! There are tons at my must look like an amazing fabric dump site!
I wonder if it can be seen from space? Like the Great Wall it has developed over a lengthy period, been added to over different dynasties, until there is this amazing historical record....of fabric!
There are mauve Liberty's, country checks & sickly all once had a purpose ( I think!) mostly forgotten....what inspired me & when.
Well, thanks to your inspiration, this land fill is going to be cleared...
I will do my best to finish GJ, get that Christmas quilt kit unwrapped & clear that fabric clutter from my life!
And if I cannot bring myself to make/complete it...I will find it a new home!
What is the oldest UPO you have?
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jubilation & celebration!

Jubilation, she loves me again....sang my Bernina when I returned to her after a loooong absence (thankyou Simon & Garfunkel for the inspiration of  Bernina...oops...I mean Cecilia!).
Lots to do & I am determined to get it done...
a bit of a tidy first...
repro 9 patch almost there...
MO Sue Ross BOM lagging behind...
Monica Poole bag done, but how do I get the darn tubular frame to work????
(Any ideas gratefully received!)
Twelve months ago today I began this rambling blog thanks to some special ladies & their infectious enthusiasm...Donna, Maree, Peg, Dale, Fiona & Kerry...thanks for being there!
I think a little celebration is in order...maybe a giveaway inspired by last weekends special need to blog about it ( we don't need treasure hunters to reduce your odds!)...just drop by & leave a message about why you visit me...

Cardygirl xx

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Best of Times...Part 2

An early start...those farm girls sure do get up early!
But look at the view...nice to be up & seeing the lorikeets swooping around the river.
The happy crowd gathered...
the projects are revealed...

and the stitching began!
Happy faces...who would volunteer to be photographer???
...nice to catch up with one another...
then after a gathering in our cabin ( how many women can you fit in a cabin????) to dinner & more hilarity! It is amazing how even adoptive sisters can get picky!Hope you are enjoying our weekend..
The Wicked Sister...aka...
Cardygirl xxx

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The best of times....Part 1.

Well, the Girls Day in the Country held in Nundle, NSW, by the delightful Kerry Swain of The Cottage on the Hill, is over for another year....but what a great day it was!
We headed off on Friday to Nundle from all over the state...stitchers heading to a sewing Mecca!
Families farewelled, pets minded, cars loaded & the adventure began...
Anni Downs from Hatched & Patched was to be our inspiration.
A gorgeous drive into the hills...lovely & green after the recent the trip flies when you have friends to chat with...guesses about what the weekend ahead will bring...much excitement!!!
A visit to Kerry's shop...what to choose...
some of these...
and some of these...
to make this.
Then out to dinner with Kerry & Anni and a fabulous bunch of women.
Late to bed after much frivolity...we need to have our stitching caps on for the next day! be continued!
Cardygirl xxx

Monday, March 8, 2010

Quick pics!

Blogger & Gmail...not always easy...not been too friendly of late...a few problems I hope have been eradicated by Windows upgrade...fingers crossed!
So here we go... another busy week in Cardyland...Mum up visiting...DD starting work & her Honours year...long drives to visit DS who has a heavy cold far far away in Uni-land..."final" visits for dental crowns that turn into disasters & rescheduling ( after the needles were given...oops!). One of those days...but we have all survived & are still smiling!
Quick pics...a present for DS to hang in his room....
....DD's half finished cross stitch....
a pattern to replace the turtle pincushion that the evil cat ate...hope this one doesn't have the same fate!!!!
Girls day in the Country this weekend...yay! It is the weekend that inspired me ( inspired may be too grand a word!) to blog...hmmmm...might have to think about a Nundle inspired giveaway!
Hope all is well with you!
Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Christmas spirit continues!

Last Christmas I participated in Chookyblue's Secret Santa swap. I had to make a gift for Carole who lives in Upstate New York. I agonised over what to make & eventually decided on making something from an Australian designer. It was a handy sewing bag designed by Rosalie Quinlan with embroidery inspired by Leanne Beasley. Fresh & pretty, I was thrilled that she loved it!
Yesterday in the mail Carole had sent me a lovely thankyou gift with the most gorgeous quilty card.
Very special! Thankyou Carole...I was very touched by your gift!
Aren't blog friends lovely?
Cardygirl xx

Bella bag...done!

The French General bag is finished...I am quite pleased with it...I love reds!
The pattern is by Fig Tree Quilts- Bella bag.
The fabric has been complete for a couple of weeks, but I have been waiting for the handles to arrive.
Nice & roomy...I would be happy to do this pattern again.
Lovely cooler night for sleeping & snuggling with cats.
After our recent humidity it was nice to need a blanket. A little rain too!

Cardygirl xx