Fun in my fabric world....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stitching inspiration...sigh!

What a great day! Off to the movies with a friend to see "Julie & Julia"...a great movie, lots of fun & lots of laughs about the world of blogging too!
We really enjoyed it & I would recommend it...not so much for our hubbies, more of one to enjoy with the girls...Stanley Tucci is delicious as Julia's husband...lovely to see those supportive husbands on screen...but, hey, we live with them every!
It is a 40min trip down the highway to the movies, so we needed to take advantage of being near a very good patchwork shop are some snippets....

to make some beautiful coathangers which I saw on Linen & Raspberry's blog...designed by the delightful Marg Low! I also have seen them on Bloom...all very inspiring!
so I am going to do a big cut out this afternoon then I can stitch quietly tonight.
Oops...better get a move on as the lawn needs mowing too!

Liz from Broderie recently sent me some checked Jobelan...beautiful....I already have plans for it!
 I purchased it from Liz through her other blog.
Hope to post some pics of some completed "Dressy hangers" tomorrow...
hope you have some stitching time!

Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What would you do?

DS is steadily working through his exams....six done and two to go!
The mood remains pretty even!
So today I thought I might be able to achieve something in my sewing room.
The house is pretty clean, the washing up to date (don't ask about the ironing though...LOL),
my conscience was pretty clear, even had the bills paid!
Off to my room...finished quilting a baby quilt I had been dawdling over...even put the binding on...I am feeling to catch up on a group project I have a bit slow on....hmmmm....a familiar theme here!
Look at this lovely bag of bits waiting to come to life!

DS decides whilst packing up the notes he has finished with that he really would like to delve into the dark cobwebby recesses of his room & tidy up a bit...could I please help??????
What would you do?
An offer like that may not come again in my lifetime!
Well off I went...lots of rubbish bags later & THREE big loads of washing he is feeling happy in a much improved room. We will fine tune it & peer under the bed once the exams are over!
Not how I thought the day would go...but rewarding nonetheless!

Cardygirl xx

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First applique.

Here is a pic of my first attempt at applique...I made this quilt over 20 years ago...covered the cardboard shapes then stitched them on to the background.
It has hung over our bed in many different homes since then.
It has shared our journey.
The fabrics are fading...many are Liberty...but I still feel comforted by it & remember stitching all of those some ways it feels not so long ago.

I am working on a quilt to take it's place...I think a rest or this little quilt is needed!

Cardygirl xx

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Read the pattern...then check!

By the title of this post you can all guess where I am headed!
I have been busy working away on my SSCS present....determined to finish it and then relieve a bit of pressure in the rush towards Christmas. Last night I was heading off to bed, then realised that with a bit of focus I would be able to finish the handwork on the gift & it would be ready to whip up this morning...what could be easier!!!!!!!
Lining assembled & ready to go...I feel good!
OMG...why is the outside 2 whole inches bigger than the lining?????????
Out comes the tape measure & I realise my error....
SO always check & recheck.

Thank goodness for these tools....
add a dash of inventiveness & it was saved...whew!
It is now complete...I love it & I hope it is loved by it's new owner too!

Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Simple, yet strong

This is a quilt I made for my son a few years ago. He chose the fabrics & I made it from a Thimbleberries pattern- went together in a weekend.
I like the simplicity of the stars & the bold strength of the colours.
Simple, yet strong, a great teenage boy quilt. He likes it.
He is calmly working through his exams.

Cardygirl xx

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something has been happening!

A little sewing time has been happening today...yay!
DD has been home for the weekend which has been lovely...all being well she will be finished uni in a month or so & then be on the lookout for work...maybe even off our payroll!
Cars have been washed, lawns mowed & lots of chat...keeping things calm prior to the start of DS exams this week...breathe slowly...we will survive...we just need to be there for him.
DD finished her mug bag to go with the apron for her friend's 21st present...
it looks really lovely.

I spent some time working on the Sue Ross BOM from MO...
I am pleased with it so far.

And there are so many things that can't be seen...

so here is a bit of a selvedge is very full, so it may give some glimpses of what may be under construction at my place!

Cardygirl xx

Thursday, October 15, 2009

So many projects....

So many little time! No doubt we are all singing the same song!
If only the speed of my fingers matched the rapid flitting of my attention span...but at least I can dream.
I have just been chatting with one of my oldest & dearest friends & she commented that it had been a few days since my last blog...she is a nonblogger but "lurks" on my blog so she can keep up with life in the cardy household! I then began to think...what have I been doing???????? She had also been to see a movie called "Julie & Julia" where part of the story apparently involves blogging & she thought of me! I think I need to make time to see this movie. Another thing to do!
I have been stitching...but there are some things I cannot know the deal!
But here are some bits & pieces to look at ...

..... Janelle Wind's teacosy from "Tea for Two"....I love it's fresh prettiness.

My poor crabapple...blossoms suffering in the high winds we have at the moment...
I have also been looking at Clare & Robyn's Christmas Ornament swap...very tempted to join in but I need to look at what else I have oming up..I don't like to let people down!
Hopefully some bits will be finished over the weekend to show & share!

Cardygirl xx

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mess & bliss!

Another hectic week has whizzed by for us all!
School holidays here, DS getting prepared for his final for me as usual.
Hopes that next week will be a little quieter & then hopefully some quiet stitching time in the evenings!
But firstly it was time to attempt to control the fabric bomb that had decimated the sewing room!
A sigh of relief when some order is restored & a promise to myself to never let that happen again. quiet...I can hear you chortling away from here...and your room is never a mess??????
So here are some snaps of something delicious which is under construction....

pretty inspiration from modern retro textiles!

And some truly gorgeous cross stitch & threads from the delightful Liz of broderie....
very generous & very much appreciated! Thankyou Liz!
I have heard some mentions of an online Quilt Festival....need to find some more info....any hints....or I can just go prowling!

Cardygirl xx

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A drum roll please!

Thankyou all for your support & good wishes for my 100th blog.
I celebrated it quietly but still have a giveaway for those that wished me well!
Here is the random number selector....

to win this handbag...

the winner...Cathy of Cabbage Quilts.
I hope you like it. Send me your address & it will be on it's way to you!

Cardygirl xx

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cracking the whip!

Thanks to everyone who guessed, or suspected, that my last post was my 100th!
Hard to believe (not) that I have prattled on that much!
Keep watching as there is something special for someone that was kind enough to take the time to stop by & comment...look out on Wednesday!

As mentioned a couple of posts ago, my nonblog friend, Lea, was having a little trouble maintaining her sewing mojo....too much to do & tooooo many distractions!
I was happy to spend the afternoon with her (really I was cracking the whip!) & she has produced some lovely bits for pressies, a swap & an upcoming Embroiderers Guild exhibition.

You can hear us "... no Lea...finish that row, then you can have a cup of tea!"
It is always great to spend some stitching time together.

I worked on some stitching for these mug bags...three down...two to go!

Cardygirl xx

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Thanks for all the happy wishes. We had a lovely time with DS for his Yr 12 graduation...he looked lovely & had a great time with his friends. he is ready now to move forward.

Thought I would be brave & post a pic of us!

PS What else is special about this post?

Cardygirl xx

Friday, October 2, 2009

A big day!

A big day in the Cardy 18yr old baby graduates from High School ready to do his final exams & move on to the next phase of his life! It seems like only yesterday that he was the tearful boy not wanting to be left at actual fact he was standing on the jungle gym kicking out at the teachers & screaming " Mummy don't leave me!" Now I am no longer the centre of his world, he is big & hairy, but I still miss the little boy that was! But then, I am proud of the man he has become...and I am glad he is self confident & independent! He will look lovely in his new shirt & tie...

And I am taking the evening bag I made for DD's graduation...smocked black dupion silk.

Wish me luck with the waterproof mascara!

Cardygirl xx

Thursday, October 1, 2009


The day held promise...DH away & DS at school...home alone & the washing is done! Don't mention the ironing or dirty windows though! So off to the sewing room I trundled...things to do...things to do! My non blogging friend Lea wouldn't come & play as she said she had big sewing plans too!

So then I started....finished the BonBon bag which I was making for a work colleagues retirement gift....I love the colours & the chocolate zip... I have made quite a few of them now...they are great as knitting or project bags...& they are so cute!

  Then I made a start on another Thelma the bright freshness of these fabrics. ..Whimsy & Mezzanine which I bought at Blueberries. Now I just need to find a vintage buckle & it is ready to go.
Dear Lea picked me up as I needed a photo ID for one of my jobs & I showed her the bags...she had been distracted by Sudoku...but she went home motivated!

It is so good to have finished something!

Cardygirl xx