Fun in my fabric world....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Well, I went to my room...

 Quiet long weekends...add a dash of rain to stop lawn mowing and you have the perfect recipe for a bit of stitching! There has not been a lot of fabric play lately, so that is just what I did today!
Finished this months Le Petite quilt, Brocante. Fairly unoriginal this time and made it in Pom Pom de Paris the same as the cover pic. But I thought the fabric is perfect for Mum and the pattern was cute. Whilst I am happy with the finished top, it was probably my least favourite as I stitched it up...don't know why really...perhaps I just loved Endless Summer last month SO much, and the fabrics are not to my current taste...anyway, I think Mum will love it. I have a lap quilt planned for her in these fabrics too...obviously she doesn't read my blog!
To add some cheer to a dull day I started playing with some fabrics I love to make something that looks very different to the original model. Still have a bit of applique today so will be a little while before I reveal it...a is an Anni Downs pattern I bought at Nundle. Hmmm?
Better go...these books are telling me I have an assignment that needs attention!
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Snapshot

A quiet family Easter...Mum up to visit...both children home...pleasant weather...opportunity to wake up without the alarm. Bliss!
Homemade Hot Cross Buns...
Easter tea towels with Mum's crocheted edgings...
Easter bags full of treats...
Delicious cake for Easter celebrations...
A little progress on my cross stitch...
Hope everyone is having a joyous Easter!
 Cardygirl xx

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Slow and steady...

...progress on the stitching front. Jenny Beans Halloween is having a bit of a makeover...she has become my half century sampler...I never had a birth sampler so this one is all mine! I added my own words where Jenny Bean's name was stitched on the original...I think it looks okay, what do you think? Once I have done the background behind the date I am going to tackle the front wall of the house.
Some chain piecing for is looking soft & pretty in French will look great at Mum's place.
An afternoon with DS who is home from nice to have him around...we went to the movies and saw "Paul"...light & funny. Poor boy was stuck in the car with me prattling on for the 40minute drive to the movies & then 40 minutes home again! Smart mother isolating him in the car...then he can't get away...hehe!
Hope you have had a nice weekend...
 Cardygirl xx

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cross stitch progress

Still steadily working away on Jenny Beans Halloween...I am loving the quirkiness of this one...but I always dawdle when I am doing blocks of color...hence the slow progress on the house! I am planning on adding some different wording, so will reveal when it is done.
A question for you cross stitchers out there...where do you start a design? Borders or centre? 
Cardygirl xx

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The best laid plans!

Autumn is on it's is getting a little cooler at night (though it was still 30C here today)...and so those pesky mice are trying to come inside. I had planned on stitching, study & weeding for the weekend...all worked out....or so I thought! In my linen press there were signs of little mousy the megawash & clean began...and then Saturday was gone! The only plus is a beautifully clean & tidy laundry & linen press!
Some stitching Easter bag for a big boy (from an Anni Downs pattern)...
Brocante...the next Le Petite project in French General!
Now it is raining....but here is a real sign of cooler weather ahead.
 Cardygirl xx

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bits and pieces...

On track with my study...quite is good to learn & I am enjoying it. I seem to be getting even more organised with my time! We headed up to Armidale to see DS on Saturday...always nice to see him & take him out for lunch. Sunday was spent grocery shopping, washing & tidying up my computer was awful! Nice to have it tidy again though! I have fallen behind already with the TTS blocks...nearly have the second one finished though!
Fiddled with some paper piecing for my Brigitte Giblin these little elongated hexie crosses...Aris the cat was quite intrigued at all the fabric on the table.
While at Nundle dear Bec gave me some '30's fabrics...she knows how much I love them & no doubt she will see them in a project soon. 
Chookyblue showed her blog books which had arrived...mine came too & I am loving seeing a journal of my crafty life...I have done them as 2009 & 2010. Famous people on the cover!
Well, that has been the last few days...hope all is well wherever you are!
Cardygirl xx